Your Life Is a Book And It s Time to Write It

Your Life Is a Book   And It s Time to Write It Author M. a. Kevin Quirk
ISBN-10 9781936780211
Release 2011-04
Pages 160
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Do you have a story that you just have to tell? Do you seek to preserve your life history as a gift for loved ones, or to pay tribute to those who have meant the most to you? Do you yearn to write about one major life experience to inspire others? You're not alone. The desire to write our life story is a timeless, universal urge. Somewhere inside us we know that writing a book about our life will touch those we love, while enriching our lives in today's cell phone-laptop lifestyle. Life is a book, and women and men from 19 to 99 are hearing the call to write it. Someone is waiting to hear you tell your life story: who you are, how you've lived, what you've learned. They want to hear all the stories that have shaped your life. "Your Life Is a Book - And It's Time to Write It An A-to-Z Guide to Help Anyone Write Their Life Story" will take you on the journey of creating your memoir, autobiography, or life story. It doesn't matter how old or how young you are, or whether you've written a lot, a little, or not at all. Through practical tools, lively writing exercises, engaging questions, and helpful illustrations, you'll receive the guidance and encouragement you need from an expert life-writing teacher. Start writing your life story today Kevin Quirk, M.A., has been helping ordinary people of all ages and backgrounds write their life stories as ghostwriter, personal historian, and Writing Your Life Story teacher since 1998. A former journalist and founder of Life Is a Book, he is coauthor of "Brace for Impact: Miracle on the Hudson Survivors Share Their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New Life."

Your Life is a Unique Experience

Your Life is a Unique Experience Author Jens Pieper
ISBN-10 1463467435
Release 2009-01-19
Pages 128
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Your Life is a Unique Experience! Unique, sure, but what about adventure, thrills and excitement? What about those "why" questions? If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions, this book could be coming by at the right moment. "Why do I get this constant feeling, that there is "more" out there?" "Why am I so frustrated and so tried? "Why should I endure this any longer?" "Why am I so unhappy with my spouse, my children, my boss, my job?" "Why do I not know my way out of all this?" "Why do I eat, drink, smoke so much?" "Why am I not so happy anymore?" Mostly, these "why" questions are suppressed as they surface. They occur far to often and they have no answers anyway! (or so we think) This book offers a new 'tool box" to improve the outcomes to life's challenges and offers the reader a chance to find personalized answers to those diffucult "why" questions - and a way out! Your personal adventure along a trail to reach your full potential is about to begin!

Your Life is a Book

Your Life is a Book Author Brenda Peterson
ISBN-10 9781570619311
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 272
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Everyone has a story to tell. Learn how to write your memoir and get published with the help of two well-known publishing professionals. Your Life is a Book guides budding writers though the transformative process of memoir writing to publication. In addition to exploring the unique elements of crafting a memoir—story arc, point of view, dialogue, where to start (not the beginning!)–Your Life is a Book also focuses on the self-exploration, awareness, and understanding that this emotional literary project triggers. With proven writing exercises and prompts, this book is a practical and enlightening guide to perfecting the art of memoir writing. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The End of Your Life Book Club

The End of Your Life Book Club Author Will Schwalbe
ISBN-10 9780307961112
Release 2012-10-02
Pages 352
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“What are you reading?” That’s the question Will Schwalbe asks his mother, Mary Anne, as they sit in the waiting room of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. In 2007, Mary Anne returned from a humanitarian trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan suffering from what her doctors believed was a rare type of hepatitis. Months later she was diagnosed with a form of advanced pancreatic cancer, which is almost always fatal, often in six months or less. This is the inspiring true story of a son and his mother, who start a “book club” that brings them together as her life comes to a close. Over the next two years, Will and Mary Anne carry on conversations that are both wide-ranging and deeply personal, prompted by an eclectic array of books and a shared passion for reading. Their list jumps from classic to popular, from poetry to mysteries, from fantastic to spiritual. The issues they discuss include questions of faith and courage as well as everyday topics such as expressing gratitude and learning to listen. Throughout, they are constantly reminded of the power of books to comfort us, astonish us, teach us, and tell us what we need to do with our lives and in the world. Reading isn’t the opposite of doing; it’s the opposite of dying. Will and Mary Anne share their hopes and concerns with each other—and rediscover their lives—through their favorite books. When they read, they aren’t a sick person and a well person, but a mother and a son taking a journey together. The result is a profoundly moving tale of loss that is also a joyful, and often humorous, celebration of life: Will’s love letter to his mother, and theirs to the printed page. This eBook edition includes a Reading Group Guide.

Open Your Mind Open Your Life

Open Your Mind  Open Your Life Author Taro Gold
ISBN-10 9780740793455
Release 2011-05-11
Pages 112
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"This book will enlighten and ennoble the reader." --Arun Gandhi, Gandhi Institute director and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi Open Your Mind, Open Your Life encourages and uplifts readers with more than 300 inspiring guideposts based on the timeless wisdom of Eastern thought. It's filled with sage advice on opening life to its inherent joy, including: * Master your past in the present, or the past will master your future. * Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in theirs. * True happiness in life is found always within. * As water carves through stone, those who persevere will win. * Turn your face to the sun and shadows will only fall behind you. Open Your Mind, Open Your Life is richly illustrated with exquisite Far East-inspired patterns and original watercolor art. The book also includes profiles of great Buddhist and Eastern thinkers such as Nichiren, Lao-tzu, Confucius, and Mahatma Gandhi.

My Life for Your Life

My Life for Your Life Author Clarke A. Paris
ISBN-10 0615472885
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 200
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My Life For Your Life is a book that features the biograpies of eight American heroes. Eight American heroes (police officers) who died at their own hands. The book opens with the author's own story about his personal battle with Police Related Stress (Cumulative Stress/PTSD) as well as another chapter written by his wife outlining her struggles in dealing with her husband's Cumulative Stress. There is also a chapter written by a Police Psychologist outlining Police Stress, Cumulative Stress, PTSD and suicide. The most real and heart wrenching portion of the book are the letters written to the late police officers. The letters are written by loved ones, friends, and family members. This book outlines the greater stressors in police work, provides an understanding of those stressors and has a list of agencies and organizations who provide psychological help to police officers and military personnel.

Your Life

Your Life Author Scot D. Spooner
ISBN-10 9781468536508
Release 2012-01
Pages 132
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Th is book will force you to take a long hard look at the problems you have always had, and are currently experiencing and offer you simple difficult solutions to the common complex problems of life.

Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life

Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life Author Vimala Rodgers
ISBN-10 9781476748078
Release 2013-04-16
Pages 224
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When we purposefully change our handwriting, we introduce attitudes that can improve our relationships, give us the impetus to achieve and take risks, and simply bring out the best in us. This is because our handwriting is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and feelings. When we fall in love, survive a serious illness, or change careers, our view of life is dramatically altered and, as a result, our handwriting patterns change. Conversely, desired transformations can result from intentionally changing the way specific letters are written: * Stick to that diet by changing the letter T. * Avoid being overlooked for that well-deserved promotion by changing the letter G. * Reduce stress and cease juggling too many things at once by changing the letter S. * Overcome shyness or stage fright by changing the letter A. Included is an enlightening assessment test that identifies those personality traits requiring attention. Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life profoundly reveals that the key to making dreams come true is as simple as putting pen to paper.

Your Life on Purpose

Your Life on Purpose Author Matthew McKay
ISBN-10 9781572249059
Release 2010
Pages 209
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Explains how readers who feel lost in life--especially those affected by the recent economic downturn--can reclaim their lives by turning values into clear intentions and intentions into committed action. Original.

Life A Mystery

Life  A Mystery Author Babu
Release 1881*
Pages 151
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Life - A Mystery is a book of hope for everyone, it will tell you, how to live life at apex, how to get success, reason for failure, solution of your every problem and will definitely increase the humanity of every human.

How to Ruin Your Life

How to Ruin Your Life Author Ben Stein
ISBN-10 9781458776594
Release 2010-07
Pages 316
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How to Ruin Your Life is a powerful self-help tool in the form of a work of humor. It is sardonic advice, presented with tongue in cheek, explaining how people can ''ruin' their lives. The essays cover topics such as ''Convince Yourself That Youre All That Matters,' Think the Worst of Everyone,' ''Pour Salt on Those Wounds,' and ''You Can Change People.' Seriously, though, to anyone who reads this book, it is an earnest warning about falling into traps of self-destructive behavior that can ruin any man or womans life. More than that, it comprises 35 steps that - if read and understood - provide a road map to making life work in the most effective way possible. It is humor and self-help all in one, delivered by Ben Stein, a man who has witnessed more than his share of people who did ruin their lives - as well as those whose lives have been wildly successful.

The Story of Your Life

The Story of Your Life Author Mandy Aftel
ISBN-10 9780684826967
Release 1997-06-20
Pages 256
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Describes how to weave life's three major plotlines--love, mastery, and loss--into the most interesting and fulfilling experience possible

Meditations to Heal Your Life

Meditations to Heal Your Life Author Louise L. Hay
ISBN-10 9781458763853
Release 2010
Pages 260
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This is a book of ideas to spark your own creative thinking process. It will give you an opportunity to see other ways to approach your experiences. . . . As you read this book, you may find statements that you dont agree with; they may clash with your own belief systems. Thats all right. Its what Louise calls stirring up the pot. She says, """"You dont have to agree with everything I say. But please examine what you believe and why. This is how youll grow and change. . . ."""" Begin reading anywhere in this book. Open it at will. The message will be perfect for you at that moment. It may confirm what you already believe, or it may challenge you. Its all part of the growth process. Know that you are safe and all is well.

When Your Life Is Like a Circus

When Your Life Is Like a Circus Author Dennis Hampel
ISBN-10 9781609578190
Release 2010-10
Pages 118
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"WHEN YOUR LIFE IS LIKE A CIRCUS.."..and whose life isn't?Here's the story of a family of entertainers with 48 years of real life experiences of international entertainment in circuses and stage productions that included hanging from a helicopter while strapped in a straightjacket!Brushes with death from rogue elephants, traveling hundreds of "mountain miles" a day, and meeting strangers who turned out to be 'angels' who showed up at "just the right time" are all integral parts of this exciting testimony of a family who felt God was directing their paths and who learned how to listen to His directions as they enjoyed His blessings along the way.This book contains the story of an entire family who took their God given talents and developed programs to motivate "children of all ages" to be the very best they were created to be!It's a true life story that can inspire the reader with the motivation to get thru challenges as THEY listen to God's direction in THEIR personal lives encouraging everyone to "MAKE CHRIST THEIR RINGMASTER"!

Run for Your Life

Run for Your Life Author Deborah Reber
ISBN-10 9780595370696
Release 2005-09
Pages 244
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We all know that running is good for the mind, body and soul. But for the woman who has never run farther than a bus stop, running can seem daunting, even painful. The good thing is that running is free and you can do it anywhere. All you need are your own two-feet-and a little support. In the pages of Run for Your Life, Deborah Reber gives you everything you need to know to get moving-how to get started, what it will feel like, what to wear, and most importantly, how to stick with it.

How to Change Your Life in 7 Steps

How to Change Your Life in 7 Steps Author John Bird
ISBN-10 9781446458655
Release 2012-02-29
Pages 96
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In this highly-accessible self-help book Big Issue founder John Bird explains his seven simple rules that could help you change your life. Whether you want to get a new job, quit smoking, stop drinking or go back to college, How to Change Your Life in 7 Steps explains how you can take what you've been given and turn it into something you'll be proud of, rather than spend your life wishing for everything you haven't got. For 99% of us life doesn't come knocking on the door; you have to go out and get it. But the trouble with aiming for the stars is that you're likely to end up in the gutter. John Bird has learnt through his work with the homeless that if you start by putting just 3% of your energy towards your final goal rather than a gutter-hitting 99% you will eventually make the changes you are looking for. John's six other rules are as straightforward as this first one, 'Start With 3%'. He writes with passion about the dangers of thinking like a victim and of not telling the truth; he shares with us the importance of thinking for yourself and never putting others down, and he encourages us not to define our successes by the failures of others and to recognise our own achievements. Written in his unique no-nonsense style this is a book about 'cutting through the bullshit and making the most of what you have.'

My Words Your Life

My Words  Your Life Author Alice A. Kindell
ISBN-10 9781469136196
Release 2011-12-27
Pages 61
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“My Words, Your Life” is an epistle of events in the course of someone’s everyday life. This book will help you gain understanding, faith, and forgiveness. I encourage you to open it with an expectancy. But I caution you to be careful because you just might see yourself. Enjoy!!!