The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook

The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook Author Chris McDonald
ISBN-10 0778805239
Release 2015-10-20
Pages 280
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Because of their cost and size, sous vide cooking devices were once found only in professional kitchens, but that all changed when affordable models hit the retail market. Home cooks are now embracing sous vide in record numbers. In sous vide cooking, food is sealed in plastic bags and submerged in hot (but not boiling) water for long and slow cooking. The end result is food which is juicy and tender. Cooking sous vide also means that temperatures can be maintained within tenths of a degree, which is essential for certain cuts of meat. The hot water also intensifies favors and the resulting texture of the food is perfect. Chris McDonald is a brilliant chef who has long used sous vide to create sublime dishes and he now brings this expertise to the home cook. His recipes are spectacularly delicious yet easy to execute. Eight pages of step-by-step photos provide all the necessary information to start sous vide cooking.

Sous Vide Recipes A Complete Guide On Sous Vide Recipes For Beginners

Sous Vide Recipes  A Complete Guide On Sous Vide Recipes For Beginners Author Jodie Matthews
ISBN-10 9781508069744
Release 2017-03-18
Pages 16
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Want to understand the beauty of sous vide at home? Preparing the perfect meal takes time and this is the ultimate sous vide recipe book for those wanting to get the hang of things. With a plethora of sous vide recipes, you’ll be able to indulge in some of the best meals of your life at home. Jodie Matthews offers a complete sous vide cookbook for you and your needs.2

The Complete Sous Vide Supreme Cookbook

The Complete Sous Vide Supreme Cookbook Author Jo McAuley
ISBN-10 9780600633846
Release 2016-01-07
Pages 160
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The sous vide technique has been the secret of great chefs around the world for decades. Providing foolproof results, the method involves cooking vacuum-sealed pouches in a water bath at a precisely-controlled temperature. This retains the juices and aromas lost by traditional cooking as well as retaining all the nutrients. Now sous vide machines are affordable for all and this cookbook contains 80 day-to-day delicious recipes you can cook at home. Covering a full range of cuisines and courses, this cookbook showcases the full range of benefits the machine has to offer. SousVide Supreme is the leading affordable water oven around the world, but whatever home model you've bought, this cookbook will be indispensable.

Sous Vide Cookbook

Sous Vide Cookbook Author Julia Grady
Release 2017-05-01
Pages 202
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Whether you’re new to the world of sous vide or have been cooking this way for years, the Sous Vide Cookbook: Prepare Professional Quality Food Easily at Home is going to help you make amazingly easy and delicious meals that you and your family and friends are going to love. Many people arre excited when they first hear about sous vide cooking but aren’t really sure where to start. While sous vide is great for cooking steaks and other meats to perfection, it has the potential to be used for so much more. This books contains a plethora of recipes that have been carefully tested and developed to turn out amazing using the sous vide method. So what are you waiting for?

Sous Vide Cookbook

Sous Vide Cookbook Author Hugo Robitaille
ISBN-10 1542690935
Release 2017-01-24
Pages 216
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Kindle MatchBook: Buy the paperback edition and get the Kindle edition FREE! THE TOP 100 HEALTHY AND SOPHISTICATED SOUS-VIDE RECIPES WITH PHOTOS, SERVING SIZE, AND NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION FOR EVERY SINGLE RECIPE! There is a revolutionary new way to enjoy remarkable, home-cooked, healthy meals without spending a fortune at Michelin-starred restaurants or spending your whole life in the kitchen! 100 of the very best Sous Vide recipes! The Sous Vide is rapidly taking its place as one of the most popular kitchen appliances for discerning and sophisticated palates. Using the Sous Vide method to cook delicious meals at home is an easy way to elevate your dining and lifestyle while reclaiming your health and well-being. Food isn't meant to be bland and boring any more then it is meant to be loaded with unpronounceable chemicals. Food is meant to be enjoyed and savored at home with the people you care about most. Now that Sous-Vide cooking has become an option for any home cook, enjoying the most amazing meals of your life doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg either. Cooking using the sous-vide method means you can prepare elaborate, healthy, tasty meals at home for your entire family without slaving away for hours in the kitchen! Sous-vide cooking lets you save money and time while still enjoying the best home-cooked meals you've ever made! 100 healthy and tasty Sous-Vide recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all with complete nutritional information, serving sizes, and pictures! This Sous Vide cookbook makes it easy to get the most out of your Sous Vide appliance! With easy breakfast recipes, fresh and fast lunch recipes, and mouth-watering dinner recipes, this one Sous Vide cookbook gives you enough amazing Sous Vide recipes to last you for months or even years without getting bored! Each and every recipe includes a photo of the meal as well as serving size and nutritional information. Enjoy some of the best meals of your life all while improving your health and losing weight! This collection of 100 of the best Sous Vide recipes truly lets you have it all! Eating meals cooked using the sous vide method does not mean you are on a boring, bland, or starvation diet. Eating bland and weird food might be one way to consume healthy food, but that is not what the sous vide lifestyle is all about. Let's face it: if eating healthy food isn't enjoyable, sooner or later it becomes impossible to stick to. Don't set yourself up for failure! Grab these amazing sous vide recipes now and learn the many delicious possibilities you could have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today and every day for a weeks to come! Cooking with the Sous Vide method can be fun and easy, but only when you know the right recipes! For less than the cost of visiting a fast food restaurant, you can get your hands on months of sous vide recipes, all with complete nutritional information, serving sizes, and pictures in this Sous Vide cookbook. Every recipe is easy to make, requires no significant cooking expertise, and is so healthy and delicious you will be proud to serve these meals to your family and friends. World class meals you can serve to your family and friends with pride! Sous Vide master and fine-dining aficionado Hugo Robitaille has assembled an award winning collection of the absolute best Sous vide recipe that any home cook can enjoy. These recipes will convince anyone you're secretly a world class chef, even though cooking with the sous vide method couldn't be easier! Don't miss out! Grab the paperback edition of this book today and claim your free Kindle edition with Kindle MatchBook! Make a small investment in this award winning collection of sous vide recipes today and permanently elevate your home cooking and dining experience!

Modernist Cuisine at Home

Modernist Cuisine at Home Author Nathan Myhrvold
ISBN-10 3836546485
Release 2013
Pages 676
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Modernist Cuisine at Home has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Modernist Cuisine at Home also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Modernist Cuisine at Home book for free.

The Everything Guide to Cooking Sous Vide

The Everything Guide to Cooking Sous Vide Author Steve Cylka
ISBN-10 9781440588372
Release 2015-05-08
Pages 288
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Try cooking under pressure! Crisp, vibrant vegetables. Meltingly tender meats. Soft poached eggs. Creating a perfectly cooked meal is easy when using the sous vide method. Sous vide means cooking "under vacuum," literally in a vacuum-sealed bag in a temperature-controlled water bath. When cooking foods under careful temperature control, you get incredible results--no overdrying, no burning, no undercooking, and no mess! Complete with 150 mouthwatering sous vide recipes including: Eggs Florentine Honey Garlic Chicken Wings Flank Steak, Apricot, and Brie Bites Pumpkin and Apple Soup Bacon and Egg Potato Salad Risotto with Parmesan and Cheese Sous Vide Chicken and Caesar Salad Thai Pork Chops with Green Curry Sauce Rum Raisin and Pecan Rice Pudding Egg Nog Featuring step-by-step instructions and information on the latest models, The Everything Guide to Cooking Sous Vide is an essential resource for home cooks everywhere who want to learn to prepare delicious food using the sous vide method. This no-fuss guide will have you cooking like a top chef in no time!

Le Livre Blanc

Le Livre Blanc Author Anne-Sophie Pic
ISBN-10 3875150880
Release 2014-02
Pages 228
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Le Livre Blanc has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Le Livre Blanc also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Le Livre Blanc book for free.

Besser kochen mit Jamie

Besser kochen mit Jamie Author Jamie Oliver
ISBN-10 3831010315
Release 2007-01
Pages 447
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Jamies Kochschule bietet für erfahrene Köche und Neueinsteiger über 150 Rezepte der modernen Küche mit ganzseitigen Abbildungen der jeweiligen Gerichte. Dazu Wissenswertes zu gesunder Ernährung, Küchengeräten, grundlegenden Küchentechniken und Einkaufstipps.

Sous Vide Basics

Sous Vide Basics Author Jay Nutt
ISBN-10 0778805824
Release 2017-09
Pages 208
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With sous vide cooking, you'll be able to achieve restaurant-quality results with little effort and none of cooking's usual guesswork. There are so many uses for the sous vide, well beyond steak (although steak and sous vide are a match made in culinary heaven), and it's not just for experienced cooks. Jay and Jennifer provide all of the how-tos and whys, and in no time at all, you'll be creating perfectly cooked sous vide meals that just might have your family and friends calling you Chef. You can cook sous vide at home for everyday meals, in your RV, on a boat or at a cottage - anywhere there is water and electricity - and you'll definitely want to use it to simplify your meal prep and dazzle your guests when entertaining.

Die Bulletproof Di t

Die Bulletproof Di  t Author Dave Asprey
ISBN-10 3868836403
Release 2015-05-08
Pages 304
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Die Bulletproof Di t has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die Bulletproof Di t also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die Bulletproof Di t book for free.

Codlo Sous Vide Guide and Recipes

Codlo Sous Vide Guide and Recipes Author Grace Lee
ISBN-10 1494981327
Release 2014-02-19
Pages 124
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A full-color, complete guide to sous-vide - whether you're just starting out or are already cooking sous-vide, this is the perfect companion. Introduction to sous-vide: what is sous-vide cooking, how-to guides, cooking tips, food safety guidelines 36 sumptuous recipes spanning eggs, poultry, pork, beef, lamb, seafood and vegetables with beautiful photography Sous-vide temperature guide: easy-to-follow charts for every food type Codlo's compact, innovative approach enables you to cook sous-vide at home by upgrading your existing kitchen equipment. Learn more about Codlo at today!

Die letzten Geheimnisse der Kochkunst

Die letzten Geheimnisse der Kochkunst Author Peter Barham
ISBN-10 3540009086
Release 2003
Pages 363
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Kennen Sie neben s, sauer, bitter und salzig die f nfte Geschmacksrichtung? M chten Sie verstehen, warum Ihnen Souffl es immer wieder zusammenfallen oder lernen, wie Sie einen ganzen Truthahn optimal braten? Geh ren Sie zu den 40% M nnern oder 25% Frauen, die Tr ffel nicht ber den Geruchssinn wahrnehmen k nnen? Diese und viele andere Fragen aus der Welt der Kochkunst beantwortet Peter Barham, in dem er das Kochen als experimentelle Wissenschaft betrachtet. Beim Zubereiten von Lebensmitteln und beim Kochen laufen viele Prozesse ab, die sich naturwissenschaftlich gut beschreiben lassen. Das Verst ndnis der Chemie und Physik des Kochens wird unausweichlich dazu f hren, dass sich auch Ihre eigenen Kochk nste wesentlich verbessern. F r jedermann leicht verst ndlich und unterhaltsam, aber ohne wichtige Details auszulassen, erkl rt Ihnen der Autor, warum bestimmte Rezepte gut funktionieren und viel wichtiger warum andere st ndig misslingen. Auf diese Weise werden Schritt f r Schritt die Geheimnisse der guten Kochkunst entschleiert und Sie lernen interessante Rezepte und die dahinter liegenden physikalischen und chemischen Prozesse kennen. Zus tzlich beschreibt der Autor interessante K chenexperimente f r die ganze Familie. U4-Text Autor: Dr. Peter Barham ist Dozent f r Physik an der Universit t Bristol. Seit langem engagiert er sich in Gro britannien in der Vermittlung von naturwissenschaftlichen Fragestellungen mit Vortr gen und Beitr gen zu Fernseh- und Radiosendungen, besonders auch im Bereich der Wissenschaft von den Lebensmitteln. Er ist dar ber hinaus Kolumnist f r den Guardian. 1999 erhielt er den renommierten Preis des "Institute of Physics" f r die F rderung der Allgemeinbildung im Bereich der Physik.

Sous vide

Sous vide Author Daniel Wiechmann
ISBN-10 9783959718554
Release 2017-07-17
Pages 96
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In den Spitzenküchen dieser Welt gehört das Sous-vide-Garen seit Jahren zum Standardrepertoire – mithilfe dieses Buches können Sie diese revolutionäre Zubereitungsart auch zu Hause anwenden. Bei Sous-Vide werden die Zutaten in Vakuum verpackt und im Wasserbad gegart. Das schmeckt nicht nur unglaublich gut, sondern ist auch gesund. Im Vakuumbeutel werden Aromen und Vitamine nicht ausgekocht. Doch der wohl größte Vorteil ist: Wenn Sie den Dreh beim Sous-vide-Garen raushaben, gelingen Fisch und Fleisch immer. Steaks und Braten werden unglaublich zart, Fisch bleibt saftig und bekommt einen schönen Biss. Und auch Gemüse oder Obst können Sie perfekt im heißen Wasserbad zubereiten. Dieses Buch erklärt das Sous-vide-Verfahren Schritt für Schritt, führt durch sämtliche Anwendungsmethoden und bietet über 60 Rezepte für Fleisch, Fisch, Suppen und Desserts.

Baby led Weaning Das Grundlagenbuch

Baby led Weaning   Das Grundlagenbuch Author Gill Rapley
ISBN-10 9783641121426
Release 2013-09-30
Pages 256
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Baby-led Weaning ist DER neue Baby-Ernährungstrend aus Großbritannien. Dabei bekommen Kinder ab dem Beikostalter feste Nahrung angeboten, die sie selbstständig essen können. Baby-led Weaning (auf Deutsch: »babygeleitete Beikosteinführung«), kurz BLW, räumt auf mit dem Mythos, dass Babys mit Brei vom Löffelchen gefüttert werden müssen, und zeigt, warum das eigenständige Essen von Beginn an der gesündeste Weg für Kinder ist. Baby-led Weaning - unterstützt das Kind in seinen Entwicklungsschritten, - ermöglicht, dass es von Anfang an am Familienessen teilnimmt, - fördert Babys Eigenständigkeit, - macht Schluss mit den gewohnten »Brei-Fütter-Schlachten«, - hilft ihnen, ernährungsbewusste Erwachsene zu werden. Das Grundlagenbuch von Gill Rapley und Tracey Murkett wird von Eltern schon sehnsüchtig auf Deutsch erwartet. Zahlreiche Foreneinträge verdeutlichen dies. »Das Buch gibt es leider noch nicht auf Deutsch. Ich versteh auch nicht warum.« (kiki2012 im Eltern-Forum zum Thema Beikost) »Wir haben das mit unserer Kleinen auch gemacht. Es funktioniert soooo gut! Und es ist für beide Seiten so viel schöner. Sie isst mit so viel Genuss und das von Anfang an. Wenn ich da an das Breifüttern mit unseren Großen denke - kein Vergleich.« (ein Gast-User im Forum von zum Thema Beikost) Brei war gestern – die neue Beikost Babys anders ernähren Das Grundlagenwerk endlich auf Deutsch

Sous vide

Sous vide Author Claudia Diewald
ISBN-10 3788815876
Release 2015-02
Pages 128
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Sous vide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sous vide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sous vide book for free.

Sous Vide Dampfgaren

Sous Vide   Dampfgaren Author Götz Beller
ISBN-10 3862445887
Release 2014-03-12
Pages 159
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Sous Vide Dampfgaren has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sous Vide Dampfgaren also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sous Vide Dampfgaren book for free.