The Cannabis Grow Bible

The Cannabis Grow Bible Author Greg Green
ISBN-10 193786636X
Release 2017-08-08
Pages 720
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The most comprehensive guide to marijuana gardening ever written is back with all new information and updated advice for cannabis enthusiasts. Over 200 additional pages of all new information are included in this book, from all new lighting equipment and techniques, to highly advanced cannabinoid extraction techniques and detailed, step-by-step gardening guides for novice and professional growers alike. This book contains over 700 pages, with all new photos and step-by-step guides to every aspect of marijuana horticulture, plant breeding, and hash production. Featuring a handy quick start guide at the beginning to allow growers to get started right away, and hone their techniques as they read the later chapters in more detail. The biggest, most comprehensive, and straightforward guide to marijuana horticulture ever published.

Marijuana Horticulture

Marijuana Horticulture Author Jorge Cervantes
ISBN-10 187882323X
Release 2006
Pages 486
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Expanded and completely rewritten with information on grow rooms, greenhouses and outdoor growing, medicinal cannabis, security, lighting, fertilisers, hydroponics, Sea of Green, seeds, seedlings, vegetative growth, mother plants, cloning, flowering, harvesting and curing, diseases, pests and hash making. More than 1100 full colour photos and drawings illustrate every detail and numerous simple cultivation solutions make for easy appeal to novice growers. Readers will learn how to achieve the highest, most potent yields, even with limited space and budget.

The Hydroponic Bible

The Hydroponic Bible Author Chris Kovach
ISBN-10 9781435736672
Release 2008
Pages 348
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Growing marijuana hydroponically indoors has become the preferred method to cultivate cannabis. Growing marijuana hydroponically is not as hard as it looks, but it does require you to know what you are doing. That is why a guide, like The Hydroponic Bible, is of vital importance! Whether you a novice cultivator or an experienced cultivator with a Phd in Hydroponic Marijuana you should read this book. This book, to the cultivator, is the equivalent of the periodic table to the chemist. The book is 17 Megabytes (PDF), 350 pages (Hard Print) of picture perfect perfection. It contains over 100 pictures enabling the viewer/reader to visually learn step by step techniques. If you are tired of reading grow guides that use long winded paragraphs to explain things that could otherwise be conveyed in a single sentence, just to fill the pages- then this marijuana hydroponic guide is for you. In fact, it is the only book you will ever need on growing marijuana hydroponically.

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa Author S. T. Oner
ISBN-10 1931160937
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 208
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Featuring 100 breeders and 100 strains, Cannabis Sativa is the biggest strain guide ever published. Sativa is a delicate plant that produces a smoke that famously induces a desire to create art and socialise with people. S.T Oner, a highly successful educator and grower has compiled a comprehensive strain guide featuring Sativa strains from around the globe. Filled with hundreds of beautiful full-colour photos and detailed information, Cannabis Sativa is a must-have reference for any grow room and an essential read for budding growers.


Glaucoma Author Jackson Kohl
ISBN-10 9780557252732
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Glaucoma has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Glaucoma also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Glaucoma book for free.

Kick Ass Cannabis Veggies

Kick Ass Cannabis   Veggies Author Kip Zonderkop
ISBN-10 9781783017089
Release 2015-03-17
Pages 78
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Learning to garden in a natural, Earth-friendly way seems accessible to only the most experienced of gardeners. But Kip Zonderkop brings organic gardening within anyone’s reach in Kick-Ass Cannabis & Veggies. Equal parts how-to and how-come, this book outlines an easy-to-follow 8-step process that anybody can use to cultivate killer cannabis and veggies, and also explains the soil science and permaculture principles behind the 8 steps. These tricks, hacks, and techniques give the home gardener the necessary foundation for a thriving indoor or outdoor garden. Jam-packed with helpful tips, links, and fantastic resources, Kick-Ass Cannabis & Veggies is the perfect launch pad for newbie organic pot gardeners who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. And for those who aren’t big DIYers, Kip provides lots of short-cuts along the way too. About the Author Kip is a professional writer that loves breaking down complex concepts into simple, understandable prose. After being bit by the gardening bug and reading many gardening guides, Kip set out to write the book he wished he could have read from the start.


Cannabis Author Ernest Small
ISBN-10 9781315350592
Release 2016-10-14
Pages 597
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Cannabis sativa is best known as the source of marijuana, the world’s most widely consumed illicit recreational drug. However, the plant is also extremely useful as a source of stem fiber, edible seed oil, and medicinal compounds, all of which are undergoing extremely promising research, technological applications, and business investment. Indeed, despite its capacity for harm as a recreational drug, cannabis has phenomenal potential for providing new products to benefit society and for generating extensive employment and huge profits. Misguided policies, until recently, have prevented legitimate research on the beneficial properties of cannabis, but there is now an explosion of societal, scientific, and political support to reappraise and remove some of the barriers to usage. Unfortunately, there is also a corresponding dearth of objective analysis. Towards redressing the limitation of information, Cannabis: A Complete Guide is a comprehensive reference summarizing botanical, business, chemical, ecological, genetic, historical, horticultural, legal, and medical considerations that are critical for the wise advancement and management of cannabis in its various forms. This book documents both the risks and benefits of what is indisputably one of the world’s most important species. The conflicting claims for medicinal virtues and toxicological vices are examined, based mainly on the most recent authoritative scientific reviews. The attempt is made consistently to reflect majority scientific opinion, although many aspects of cannabis are controversial. Aside from the relevance to specialists, the general public should find the presentation attractive because of the huge interest today in marijuana. Unfortunately, society has become so specialized and compartmentalized that most people have limited appreciation of the importance of science to their lives, except when a topic like marijuana becomes sensationalized. This review of cannabis can serve as a vehicle for public education in the realm of science and technology. Indeed, towards the goal of disseminating the important information in this book to a wide audience, the presentation is user-friendly, concise, and well-illustrated in the hope that non-specialists will find the topics both informative and entertaining.

Cannabis Extracts in Medicine

Cannabis Extracts in Medicine Author Jeffrey Dach, M.D.,
ISBN-10 9780786496631
Release 2015-10-16
Pages 220
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As of December 2014, medicinal cannabis is legal in 23 states where news and medical journals report success stories of people recovering from diverse medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancer and chronic pain. In states where cannabis remains illegal, users and providers risk arrest and imprisonment. While the United States government has restricted cannabis medical research, advances have been made in Israel, Spain and Italy. One such breakthrough was the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the brain and immune system. Endogenous cannabinoids are mimicked by THC and cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, thus accounting for its medicinal effects. Focusing on the biochemical properties, medical benefits and psychological effects of cannabinoids, this book provides an overview of anecdotal case reports, animal studies and clinical trials proposing cannabis for seizure disorder, cancer, chronic pain and other medical conditions.

4 Saatte S per Insan

4 Saatte S  per Insan Author Timothy Ferriss
ISBN-10 9752118070
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 640
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4 Saatte S per Insan has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 4 Saatte S per Insan also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 4 Saatte S per Insan book for free.

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture

Indoor Marijuana Horticulture Author Jorge Cervantes
ISBN-10 1878823299
Release 2002
Pages 332
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Indoor Marijuana Horticulture is the most authoritative, complete, up-to-date book on indoor marijuana cultivation available today. The New Totally Revised Edition contains over 250 photographs and drawings to illustrate the well researched text. Step-by-step guide to: Grow Rooms, Lamps & Electricity, Container Gardening, Water & Fertilizer, Hydroponics, Air, Co2, Bugs & Fungi, Cloning, Harvesting, Breeding, and Garden Calendar. This book gives simple, yet complete, written and pictorial descriptions of basic gardening techniques used to grow the largest quantity of dynamite marijuana indoors, under High Intensity Discharge Lamps, in the shortest time possible. All information contained in this book has been tested and proven successful. This book has everything an indoor grower could want to know about organic and hydroponic gardening, building a grow room, seed selection, cloning, grow lights, growing techniques, problem solving, harvesting and more. Garden calendar and weekly checklist and three case studies are the frosting on the bud!

How to Grow Marijuana

How to Grow Marijuana Author Elias Van Rijn
ISBN-10 1532843151
Release 2016-04-20
Pages 66
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Endless free supply of TOP SHELF quality buds! How does this sound? That's a reality for a lot of people. Are you still paying inflated prices for weed? I am going to teach you everything you need to know to start producing your own funky sticky bud. No fluff, unnecessary science or outdated information. Too many people out there make it seem that you need a degree in weed to be a grower. Actually, it's brain dead simple. Once you have the right information.Read this simple-to-digest book, in no time you will be smoking SUPER DANK WEED VIRTUALLY FOR FREE! I have been growing weed for 13 years as a full time occupation. I've invested a lot of time into educating myself along the way. I sifted through a lot of info and have figured what works the hard way. Now you're about to gain from my experience and knowledge.Book launch LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY: The first 420 readers will have the privilege of direct contact with me. Email me and I will personally answer any question you have! I will be glad to help you along your growing journey.

Apologetics Study Bible for Students

Apologetics Study Bible for Students Author Sean McDowell
ISBN-10 9781433601651
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 1440
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Like the acclaimed Apologetics Study Bible that has sold 115,000+ copies, the Apologetics Study Bible for Students will anchor younger Christians in the truths of Scripture by equipping them with thoughtful and practical responses for whenever the core issues of their faith and life are challenged. Multiple research studies have shown that spiritual focus often weakens among teenagers as they head into the attention-dividing realm of young adulthood. Up to 66% of them leave church altogether. The Apologetics Study Bible for Students works against that trend by helping this audience begin to better articulate its beliefs. In addition to the complete HCSB text and dozens of articles collected from today’s most popular youth leaders, including general editor Sean McDowell, this new study Bible also includes: • Two-color design-intensive layout on every page for the visual generation • Sixty “Twisted Scriptures” explanations • Fifty “Bones & Dirt” entries (archaeology meets apologetics) • Fifty “Notable Quotes” • Twenty-five “Tactics” against common anti-Christian arguments • Twenty “Personal Stories” of how God has worked in real lives • Twenty “Top Five” lists to help remember key apologetics topics

Marihuana horticultura del cannabis

Marihuana  horticultura del cannabis Author Jorge Cervantes
ISBN-10 1878823248
Release 2007
Pages 518
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This is the Spanish translation of "Marijuana Horticulture: the Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible," updated with new greenhouse and outdoor growing chapters.

The Green Foods Bible

The Green Foods Bible Author David Sandoval
ISBN-10 9780991470020
Release 2015-03-09
Pages 320
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I decided to write this book to show you exactly what it is I’m so passionate about—and how these foods can help you, no matter where you’re at in life or health. I have seen the remarkable healing effects of green foods on people with cancer, diabetes, and every imaginable condition from acne to AIDS. I have even personally used green foods to transform and save people from death caused by morbid obesity. No matter where you are coming from—under-nourished, overweight, sick, or trying to hold on to the gift of good health—this book will help you. You will find answers here. If I have done my job, you are about to become as passionate and enthusiastic as I am about life, superfood and green plants, and together we might just change the world, starting with ourselves. My message is simple: You can transform your own health—starting with the food you put in your mouth. I guarantee it!

There Was Marijuana in the Garden of Eden

There Was Marijuana in the Garden of Eden Author Bruce Meland
ISBN-10 9781503583283
Release 2015-07-27
Pages 36
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This e-Book will inform you about the history and breaking news of Cannabis (marijuana and hemp), compiled by the aurhor. Topics include ancient Chinese healthcare with MA (hemp), discovery of marijuana found in a ancient Euro-Asia tomb, marijuana pollen found in Egyptian pharaoh's tombs and marijuana mentioned in the Bible. This publication is divided into 2 sections: Marijuana and Hemp. In the Marijuana Section , Bruce Meland and Fred Gardner, editor of O’Shaugnessy’s News Service, write an article about Charlotte’s Web, the miracle marijuana plant that is helping children with epilepsy. After great client success with Charlotte's Web in Colorado, Stanley Brother's, Realm of Caring Foundation, established another client program in California and then to many other states. Sabrina Fendrick, Director of Women's Out Reach, and member of NORML, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana, writes an article about The Prohibition Industrial Complex. Articles in the hemp section include hemp farming and hemp manufacturing in Canada and China. Canada and China are marketing their hemp products to the United States and worldwide. Ben Aalvik of Pure Happiness Clothing, writes an article about "The Dangers of Synthetic And Treated Fabrics" Other articles include information about EnviroTextiles, the largest distributor of hemp fabrics, clothing and textiles worldwide. In other articles include the use of hemp fibers in making better batteries hemp CBD oils in helping brain injuries and cancer. . Information contained herein should give the reader a better understanding of cannabis and it's use in societies worldwide. Updated information will be available on our website:

Tree Of Life

Tree Of Life Author Shaquanna Gary
ISBN-10 9781783019106
Release 2016-03-24
Pages 2680
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Many people have their own philosophies in regards to the marijuana plant, also known as Incense, hemp, herbs, bud, swazi, ganja, cannabis, pot, weed, and the tree of life. The book "TREE OF LIFE MOST HOLY" is simply God's judgement along with the truth and the nature of the marijuana plant itself, biblically known as the TREE OF LIFE MOST HOLY.

How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll a Joint Author Jay Sanders
ISBN-10 154043138X
Release 2016-11-15
Pages 24
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Learn Basic & Advanced Techniques on How to Roll While the rise of legal medical marijuana is rather new, the ideas behind the medicinal properties of cannabis have been around for centuries. If you know any older smokers, chances are you have noticed that they may prefer joints or 'doobies' to some of the newer methods to smoke cannabis, such as bowls, water pipes, and blunts. This preference may come from a long history of joint smoking or it may be because joints are convenient to carry and usually (if they are rolled right) they only have to be lit once. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to roll a quality medical cannabis joint. The problem, in most cases, is the rolling technique. A joint that is too tight will be almost impossible to hit, while a joint that is too loose will run and waste your weed. The good news is that proper rolling techniques can be learned. By the time you have reached the end of this short, to-the-point book, you will have all of the knowledge needed to roll a quality joint. You will find that this book is separate into two chapters. In the first, you will learn all the basics for joint rolling with a few basic tips to help you out. In the second, you will find advanced rolling techniques for when you are ready to test your skills, impress your friends, or enjoy multiple strains of cannabis out of the same joint without mixing them.