My Numbers My Friends

My Numbers  My Friends Author Paulo Ribenboim
ISBN-10 9780387227542
Release 2006-05-10
Pages 376
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This selection of expository essays by Paulo Ribenboim should be of interest to mathematicians from all walks. Ribenboim, a highly praised author of several popular titles, writes each essay in a light and humorous language without secrets, making them thoroughly accessible to everyone with an interest in numbers. This new collection includes essays on Fibonacci numbers, prime numbers, Bernoulli numbers, and historical presentations of the main problems pertaining to elementary number theory, such as Kummers work on Fermat's last theorem.

Numbers Are My Friends

Numbers Are My Friends Author Sandra Staines
ISBN-10 9781312481206
Release 2014-09-02
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Teach your toddler to count with these bright eye-catching numbers. Also expose them to a foreign language at the same time because ‘Numbers Are My Friends’ has the basic counting numbers in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish and Swedish. Entertain them as they learn, and make learning fun and half the job is done!

Benim Olagan st Akilli

Benim Olagan  st   Akilli Author Elena Ferrante
ISBN-10 6051418962
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 360
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Benim Olagan st Akilli has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Benim Olagan st Akilli also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Benim Olagan st Akilli book for free.

Classical Theory of Algebraic Numbers

Classical Theory of Algebraic Numbers Author Paulo Ribenboim
ISBN-10 0387950702
Release 2001-03-30
Pages 681
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After a brief introduction reviewing the concepts of principal ideal domains and commutative fields, this book discusses the theory of algebraic numbers. The theorems and definitions are carefully motivated, and the author frequently stops to explain how things fit together and what will come next. Many exercises and useful examples provide a solid background for more recent topics.

Good Better Best an Autobiography

Good Better Best   an Autobiography Author Michael A. Straight
ISBN-10 9781469156149
Release 2012-03-16
Pages 150
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December, 1985 Dear Father, Thank you, Father, for helping me through what has been both a challenge and a struggle. Writing by hand has been difficult for me and for those who have helped me translate my writing to book form. Because of problems with my speech, it has been hard to deal with the many details of editing and printing. Thank you also, Father, for allowing my employment to continue, for helping me to overcome the daily problems of working and living, and for allowing me to find some pleasures, too, even some girls and their love. Thank you for the many friends you have helped me make, in my church and in others, in high school, in college, at work—and for the help they have given me. And finally, thank you for my wonderful family, and for the strength you have given them in helping me survive. Mike Straight’s diary spans seven and one-half years. It is a story of early teens, triumphs in football, tragedy, and striving to become whole again after an automobile accident at age 16. While it was a tremendous blow to be denied his beloved sport of football, he fought his way upward to many accomplishments though confined, for the most part, to a wheelchair. Since his accident he has learned how to drive again, owned several cars, bought (and sold) his own home, gone to three colleges, and has held a manufacturing assembly job for the last several years. Now, in addition to his job, he lifts weights, exercises daily, and goes “dancing.” Mike has had, for him, great success (that most of us enjoy as normal). Yet love has eluded him; not having the true love of a woman returned to him has been his ongoing trial, as his diary will tell you. Only through a deep love for God, and a sometimes wavering and often challenged faith in Him, has Michael sustained his determination to be good, better, best. That he has been able to write and publish this book is a tremendous tribute to both his faith and his determination, as you will see.

God Knows My House Number

God Knows My House Number Author Innocent Ononiwu
ISBN-10 9781450055802
Release 2010-03-11
Pages 146
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The book documents testimonies of God?s miraculous interventions in my life - financial, family and ministry.

Japanese Cybercultures

Japanese Cybercultures Author Nanette Gottlieb
ISBN-10 9781134467631
Release 2003-08-29
Pages 272
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Japan is rightly regarded as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, yet the development and deployment of Internet technology in Japan has taken a different trajectory compared with Western nations. This is the first book to look at the specific dynamics of Japanese Internet use. It examines the crucial questions: * how the Japanese are using the Internet: from the prevalence of access via portable devices, to the fashion culture of mobile phones * how Japan's "cute culture" has colonized cyberspace * the role of the Internet in different musical subcultures * how different men's and women's groups have embraced technology to highlight problems of harassment and bullying * the social, cultural and political impacts of the Internet on Japanese society * how marginalized groups in Japanese society - gay men, those living with AIDS, members of new religious groups and Japan's hereditary sub-caste, the Burakumin - are challenging the mainstream by using the Internet. Examined from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, using a broad range of case-studies, this is an exciting and genuinely cutting-edge book which breaks new ground in Japanese studies and will be of value to anyone interested in Japanese culture, the Internet and cyberculture.

My Body Politic

My Body Politic Author Simi Linton
ISBN-10 9780472032365
Release 2007-01-23
Pages 256
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"My Body Politic begins in the midst of the turmoil over Vietnam and concludes with a meditation on the U.S. involvement in the current war in Iraq and the war's wounded veterans. While a memoir of the author's gradual political awakening, My Body Politic is filled with adventure, celebration, and rock and roll - Salvador Dali, James Brown, and Jimi Hendrix all make cameo appearances."--Jacket.

Grammar and Beyond Level 2 Workbook A

Grammar and Beyond Level 2 Workbook A Author Lawrence J. Zwier
ISBN-10 9780521279925
Release 2012-01-23
Pages 110
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Based on extensive research, Grammar and Beyond ensures that students study accurate information about grammar and apply it in their own speech and writing. This is the first half of Workbook, Level 2. In the Workbook, learners gain additional practice in the grammar from the Student's Book, including practice correcting common learner errors.

My Way Back

My Way Back Author Irving Chiang
ISBN-10 9780595383481
Release 2006
Pages 174
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Written first hand by an autistic individual, the book unravels mystique over how the author, Irving Chiang, overcame all odds in conquering the "death keel" to social acceptance. Realising that he was "different" from other people when he was seventeen, he quickly slipped into depression. He was later diagnosed as having the Schizoid Personality Disorder. His break came after accepting Christ in his mid-twenties. Five tough years of self-rationalisation was not without fruit; he identified his difficulty as part of the autistic spectrum disorder and appears to have uncovered the cause and cure of the disorder, at least sufficient for him to lead an ordinary life. The current medical definitions of the disorder are limited in scope. They ignore a larger part of the population that have a broader autism phenotype with similar communicative and social disabilities but that are less severe in nature. The author can be reached at [email protected] should there be any queries or interest in the purchase of this book. The book is also available on most on-line retailers such as and Barnes & "All in all, this is a FANTASTIC book", Dr Wong "I almost cried after reading this book", Pastor Sng


Vertigo Author Louise DeSalvo
ISBN-10 9781558617773
Release 2002-08-01
Pages 304
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Born to immigrant parents during World War II and coming of age during the 1950s, DeSalvo finds herself rebelling against a script written by parental and societal expectations. In her revealing family memoir, DeSalvo sifts through painful memories to give voice to all that remained unspoken and unresolved in her life: a mother's psychotic depression, a father's rage and violent rigidity, a sister's early depression and eventual suicide, and emerging memories of childhood incest. At times humorous and often brutally candid, DeSalvo also delves through the more recent conflicts posed by marriage, motherhood, and the crisis that started her on the path of her life's work: becoming a writer in order to excavate the meaning of her life and community. In Vertigo, Louise DeSalvo paints a striking picture of the easy freedom of the husband and fatherless world of working-class Hoboken, New Jersey, the neighborhood of her early childhood, where mothers and children had an unaccustomed say in the running of their lives while men were off defending their country, but were jolted back into submission when World War II ended. Hoboken was not a place where girls were encouraged to develop their minds, or their independent spirits, yet it is that tenement-dotted city with its pulse and energy, wonderful Italian pastry, and sidewalk roller-skating contests, and not suburban Ridgefield, where the family moves when Louise is seven, that claims Louise’s heart. Written with an honesty that is as rare as it is unsettling, Vertigo also speaks to broader truths about the impact of ethnicity, class, and gender in American life. Offering inspiration and a healthy dose of subversion, this personal story of a writer’s life is also a study of the alchemy between lived experience and creativity, and the life-transforming possibilities of this process.

Luv U Mate

Luv U Mate Author Dr.Punit Sethi
ISBN-10 9788122311778
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 199
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"Love is sweet; Love is kind; it isn't just a piece of mind. Love is something you need to give, something that we share and believe. Like a desert needs the water, like a flower needs the rain; my soul is thirsty for your Love and my heart screams out your name." A girl and a boy meet through facebook and fall in love with each other, repeatedly saying 'I LOVE YOU', they become the most caring pair and share personal and private secrets with promise to be in love forever. But something happens when SHE is taken to anonymity and HE is taken to lift skirts..... What happens and what options were left for him? It is a true love story with some imaginations of the author that revolves around a social networking site called facebook. At places, you will find as if your own story is being narrated. What is to be done in such love stories and during other happenings on social networking on.....

All the Numbers

All the Numbers Author Judy Larsen
ISBN-10 0345493362
Release 2006-07-25
Pages 304
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“How much do you love me?” Daniel asked his mother. “I love you all the numbers.” What begins as a sunny August afternoon on a bucolic lake turns into a tragedy when a Jet Ski swerves fatally close to shore. It’s a day Ellen Banks could never have prepared for, a day no mother should ever have to live through. The moment her son James is killed, Ellen must face the unimaginable while trying to remain strong for her older son, Daniel, who witnessed the fateful accident and blames himself. Ellen’s shock and grief soon give way to defiance as lawyers and policemen who once vowed to support Ellen’s desire for justice succumb to political pressure and back away. Still, Ellen is determined to see the reckless young man pay for his crime and to heal her family’s deep wounds. But first she must heal herself. An unforgettable journey of power and emotion, All the Numbers poignantly depicts a woman’s reckoning with her own vulnerability and finding in the wisdom of motherhood the redemptive grace to begin again. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Hesiod s Anvil

Hesiod s Anvil Author Andrew J. Simoson
ISBN-10 0883853361
Release 2007-07-26
Pages 344
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This book is about how poets, philosophers, storytellers, and scientists have described motion, beginning with Hesiod, a contemporary of Homer, who imagined that the expanse of heaven and the depth of hell was the distance that an anvil falls in nine days. This book is aimed at students who have finished a year-long courses in calculus, but it can be used as a supplemental text in calculus II, vector calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and modeling. It blends with equal voice romantic whimsy and derived equations, and anyone interested in mathematics will find new and surprising ideas about motion and the people who thought about it. Some of the things readers will learn is that Dante's implicit model of the earth implies a black hole at its core, that Edmond Halley championed a hollow earth, and that Da Vinci knew that the acceleration due to the earth's gravity was a constant. There are chapters modeling Jules Verne's and H.G. Wells' imaginative flights to the moon and back, the former novelist using a great cannon and the latter using a gravity-shielding material. The book analyzes Edgar Alan Poe's descending pendulum, H.G. Wells' submersible falling and rising in the Marianas Trench, a train rolling along a tunnel through a rotating earth, and a pebble falling down a hole without resistance. It compares trajectories of balls thrown on the Little Prince's asteroid and on Arthur C. Clarke's rotating space station, and it solves an old problem that was perhaps inspired by one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The penultimate chapter is a story, based upon the Mayans, that loosely ties together the ideas about falling and spinning motion discussed in the book. Nearly all the chapters have exercises, some straightforward and some open ended, that may serve as the beginnings of student's honors projects.

No Regrets

No Regrets Author Christy Mahler Mills
ISBN-10 9781440197390
Release 2010-02-22
Pages 180
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When Samantha Manning, her two sisters, and her parents move from West Virginia to Pensacola, Florida, they feel like they have landed in paradise. As she begins to settle into her life, she quickly discovers that life in Florida is so much more exciting and confusing than her old life. And then the worst thing ever happens, her father has a stroke and dies the week after her thirteenth birthday. Her hopes and dreams begin to vanish as she makes one bad decision after another. She must find a way to pick up the pieces of her life as her very existence crumbles beneath her. Will she be able to emerge from the ashes and find a better life? Sam realizes that the exciting future that she once longed for is far from reality, because she made decisions that have brought heartache and pain to her family and friends. After years of catastrophes, including unwanted pregnancies and untimely death, she finds hope with the one person she initially hesitated to trust, Ty. But, is it too late to start over and get back the life that she so desperately wants?

All My Friends Are Still Dead

All My Friends Are Still Dead Author Jory John
ISBN-10 9781452114040
Release 2012-02-24
Pages 108
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From the authors of the breakout best seller All my friends are dead comes a brand-new illustrated compendium of the humorous existential ruminations of people, animals, legendary monsters, and inanimate objects.

Chemistry and Numbers

Chemistry and Numbers Author Steve Monas
ISBN-10 9781419651236
Release 2006-10-01
Pages 222
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Chemistry and Numbers is the definitive guide to Online Dating and Relationship sites. This book reviews some of the most popular and successful online dating sites, helping you make an informed decision. A step by step, fully illustrated guide on signing up to making the first impression. Your True Love Is Just A Click Away! You are living in California, and your soulmate lives in Nebraska. Do you believe that you'll meet them at the corner bar? The dating scene is changing every day, and online dating websites have opened up singles to a whole new world of dating opportunities. Never before has true love been found from around the corner to half a world away! As you are reading this, millions of eligible men and women are online looking for their Mr. or Mrs. Right, but with so many online dating sites and choices, it can be very hard to find the right one for you. Some of the 20 sites that are reviewed and shown with Step by Step Picture Instructions include: Match - EHarmony - True - Chemistry - American Singles - Lava Life - Craigslist and more Why Did You Create An Online Dating Profile ? I created an online dating profile to meet new people and to jump-start my dating life. I moved to a new city after college and prior to posting online, I struggled to find men that I was interested in dating. As is the case for many young professionals, there's scant opportunity to meet the right person unless you have a vast social network, so my profile was meant to expand my search wider and include people I wouldn't meet in my everyday travels between work at a very small company, the gym, and my grad school classes. The internet provided an efficient & convenient way. Also view