My Loose Tooth

My Loose Tooth Author Rozanne Lanczak Williams
ISBN-10 1574719726
Release 2003
Pages 16
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Introduces a sight word(s) within a delightful story. The sight word introduced in this book is put.

My Loose Tooth

My Loose Tooth Author Stephen Krensky
ISBN-10 0606167587
Release 1999-01
Pages 31
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A young child describes in rhyme what it's like to have a loose tooth.

My Loose Tooth

My Loose Tooth Author Nick W. Taylor
ISBN-10 0021923817
Release 2006
Pages 16
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Mike's loose tooth won't come out, despite all the wiggling and jiggling he tries.

My Loose Tooth

My Loose Tooth Author Resi J. Ditzel
ISBN-10 1880188392
Release 1992-12-01
Pages 7
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My Loose Tooth has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from My Loose Tooth also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full My Loose Tooth book for free.

Andrew s Loose Tooth

Andrew s Loose Tooth Author Robert Munsch
ISBN-10 9781443148559
Release 2015-11-01
Pages 32
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"Yeow!" shouts Andrew. "Do something about my loose tooth. It hurts!" Andrew's dad breaks his pliers trying to pull that tooth. Andrew's mother can't yank it out, either. Both Andrew's dentist and the Tooth Fairy herself are stumped! Finally Andrew's friend Louis comes up with a special tooth-removing remedy that requires plenty of pepper and a great big sneeze.

Wibble Wobble My Loose Tooth

Wibble Wobble  My Loose Tooth Author Miriam Moss
ISBN-10 140831956X
Release 2012
Pages 32
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An award-winning story about losing your very first tooth All William wants in the whole wide world is a wobbly tooth. When he gets one, he just can't stop jiggling and wiggling it! But then William's tooth falls out at school. How will he keep it safe until he gets home? If you have a wobbly tooth, or if you just want one, this bright, funny story is for you!

Loose Tooth

Loose Tooth Author Lola M. Schaefer
ISBN-10 9780060527785
Release 2005-04-05
Pages 32
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A young boy wakes up one morning to find that he has his very first loose tooth. But no matter how much he pushes, pulls, and wiggles it, it just won't come out! Lola Schaefer's energetic text and Sylvie Wickstrom's exuberant illustrations perfectly capture the excitement and anxiety of a child losing his first tooth in an appealing book about a childhood milestone o Beginning readers will recognize and respond to the familiar situation of a child with his very first loose tooth. o Energetic and engaging, Lola M. Schaefer's very simple story is perfect for the youngest beginning readers. o Expressive and lively illustrations will delight young children. Ages 3–5

Moose s Loose Tooth

Moose s Loose Tooth Author Nancy Louise Spinelle
ISBN-10 9781578740321
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 16
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Fiction, Reading Recovery Level 11, F&P Level G, DRA2 Level 12, Theme Humor, Stage Early, Character N/A

My Tooth Is Loose Dr Moose

My Tooth Is Loose  Dr  Moose Author Teresa Johnston
ISBN-10 0545289106
Release 2012
Pages 32
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Discovering that they each have loose teeth, Lily Leopard, Simon Squirrel and Benjamin Bunny visit Dr. Moose, who applies such "Moose Magic" techniques as wiggling, pushing, pulling and administering crunchy carrots. Original.

Common Core Language Arts 4 Today Grade 2

Common Core Language Arts 4 Today  Grade 2 Author Carson-Dellosa Publishing
ISBN-10 9781483801704
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 96
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Build a foundation and focus on what matters most for language arts and reading readiness with Language Arts 4 Today: The Common Core Edition for second grade. This 96-page comprehensive supplement contains standards-aligned reproducible activities designed to focus on critical language arts skills and concepts that meet the Common Core State Standards. Each page includes 16 questions to be completed during a four-day period. The exercises are arranged in a continuous spiral so that concepts are repeated weekly. An assessment for the fifth day is provided for evaluating students' understanding of the language arts concepts practiced throughout the week. Also included are a Common Core State Standards alignment matrix and an answer key.

Phillip s Loose Tooth

Phillip   s Loose Tooth Author Phillip Engstrom Jr.
ISBN-10 9781491804612
Release 2013-08-02
Pages 32
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PHILLIP’S LOOSE TOOTH is the true story about the young Author’s experience of losing a tooth. Phillip is joined by his stuffed animal friends who cheer him on along the way.

My Silly Willy Loose Tooth

My Silly Willy Loose Tooth Author Darlene Weinbrenner
ISBN-10 1462651801
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 24
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Clavis' tooth is loose and it is only a matter of time before it will fall out and leave a space between his teeth. As his front tooth gets looser and looser, he wiggles it back and forth in his mouth. Making up a silly willy tooth voice, he soon has everyone laughing and wanting more! Clavis continues performing his silly willy loose tooth show until one day, his tooth falls out! His silly willy loose tooth show will have to stop, and so will the laughter. What Clavis decides to do next will affect everyone he meets.

My Tooth is Loose

My Tooth is Loose  Author Martin Silverman
ISBN-10 0448494809
Release 2012
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My Tooth is Loose has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from My Tooth is Loose also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full My Tooth is Loose book for free.

Bear s Loose Tooth

Bear s Loose Tooth Author Karma Wilson
ISBN-10 9781442489363
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 34
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When Bear discovers he has a loose tooth, his friends try to help make it fall out.

Fathers Can Be Good Dads

Fathers Can Be Good Dads Author Brigitta Gisella Geltrich-Ludgate
ISBN-10 9781499021196
Release 2014-09-25
Pages 820
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Fathers Can Be Good Dads is a novel, which is based on true events. Even though dates, houses, names of people, countrysides, and sceneries have been changed, the family interactions are real. However, not all have been the actions of Ginia Marie Giselle Hinson, the heroine of the book. The majority, though, are. When the author was a little girl, she often sat around the family sitting-room table or stood outside the doors, listening as the grown-ups in her family were sharing with loud laughter the mischiefs they had gotten themselves into when they were young. Often, the author wondered how she could improve on these mischiefs just to get a bit more attention. A heartfelt thank you is expressed to all family members and friends the author had listened to. Everyone was an inspiration to her. Also a thank you is given to all those she had interacted with and to all those who got into trouble with her in moments of absolute exuberance where household rules were ignored. The novel is dedicated to every writer who has struggled through the ups and downs of putting together personal memoirs to preserve, in writing for children and their children’s children, an insight into a life that once existed before their own times.

Simon Adventures Boxed Set

Simon Adventures Boxed Set Author Scott Semegran
Release 2017-10-29
Pages 624
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For the first time, all three novels in the hilarious literary series are together in one eBook bundle. This eBook collects the entire epic, mind-bending run in the most convenient format available including all three book covers and accompanying illustrations: THE METEORIC RISE OF SIMON BURCHWOOD THE SPECTACULAR SIMON BURCHWOOD SAMMIE & BUDGIE What Reviewers Are Saying About Simon Burchwood: "Simon is such a character that I couldn't wait to find what he did next." —Great Books Under $5 "Simon's self-doubting verbosity becomes oddly endearing." —Kirkus Reviews "Simon Burchwood is a genius. It's true!" —Bitsy Bling Books "His ill-fated journey is strangely captivating." —Indie Reader "Cracked me up!" —Ashton the Book Blogger THE METEORIC RISE OF SIMON BURCHWOOD On his way to New York to celebrate his impending literary success, Simon Burchwood is the prototypical American careerist: arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic. But a quick detour to Montgomery, Alabama to visit a childhood friend sends Simon on a bizarre journey, challenging his hopes and dreams of becoming a famous writer. The Meteoric Rise of Simon Burchwood is a character study that delves into the psyche of a man who desperately tries to redefine himself. Is Simon pompous? Yes. A jerk? Yes. Will you like him? Absolutely! "The book is told entirely from Simon's viewpoint. Simon is not a very likable guy; as a matter of fact, he is a self-centered, pompous jerk. But for some reason, it's pretty fun to be inside his head, mainly because he is an inadvertent, oblivious jerk... A very good novel that was humorous throughout." —Red Adept Reviews. "Verdict: An ambitious, enjoyable read with a superb ending that changed my interpretation of the entire text." —Indie Reader THE SPECTACULAR SIMON BURCHWOOD Recently divorced and his writing career in shambles, Simon Burchwood's life is a complete disaster. He reluctantly finds work as a computer support technician and resigns that his career as the next great American novelist will never come to fruition. When he learns that his ex-wife abruptly moves to Dallas with his children, he embarks on a crazy road trip with a nerdy coworker and a hitchhiking punk rock girl and discovers the inspiration he desperately needs for his new literary masterpiece. Take another trip with the one and only Simon Burchwood. "Simon is starting to understand something, and his luck literally changes. Semegran handles this quite deftly. We see the progress he is making in getting a grasp of what life is about." —The New Podler Review of Books SAMMIE & BUDGIE Sammie & Budgie is a quirky, mystical tale about Simon Burchwood and his young son Sammie, who possesses the gift of foresight. The boy's special ability propels his family on a road trip to visit his ailing grandfather, a prickly man who left an indelible stamp on the father and son. The three are connected through more than genetics, their lives intertwined through dreams, imagination, and longing. The novel explores the bond between a caring father, and his children, one affected by his own thorny relationship with his surly father, and the connection he has with his sweet son is thicker than blood, going to the place where dreams are conceived and realized. "Illustrated throughout by Semegran, this book is the author's best. In these pages, his steadfastly idiosyncratic style really begins to click. An unconventional, beguiling, and endearing family tale." —Kirkus Reviews "Though Simon's love for his children shines through as one of the novel's biggest strengths, its illustrations are perhaps the best part. Expressive, adorable, and adding a fun surprise, they are a welcome addition to the reading experience." —Indie Reader

101 Silly Ways to Pull Out Your Loose Tooth

101 Silly Ways to Pull Out Your Loose Tooth Author Michael Roman
ISBN-10 9781105130250
Release 2014-04-10
Pages 7
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A loose tooth. We all know it can be difficult to pull a loose tooth. You can read about 101 different ways to get your loose tooth out. The methods range from Silly, Crazy, Random, Using Technology, and ideas that would just plain hurt. These suggestions are meant to be funny. Many are jokes. Do not attempt any of these methods as they will likely cause bodily harm. Which of your friends do you think would love this book? What young child do you know that needs a good laugh?