Meditations on Mary

Meditations on Mary Author Kathleen Norris
ISBN-10 0670888206
Release 1999
Pages 112
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Reproductions of paintings by the old masters and excerpts from the Gospels accompany a collection of meditations on the life of the Virgin Mary

Meditations on Mary

Meditations on Mary Author Bishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet
ISBN-10 9781622823079
Release 2015-10-12
Pages 144
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Spiritual meditation is the surest way to grow in holiness, and Our Lady is truly an example of perfection. This combination makes Meditations on Mary a spiritual powerhouse that will lift your soul to God and help you along the path to heaven. Meditations on Mary features twenty-four of the most powerful and moving meditations written by 17th Century Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet —considered to be one of the best homilists in the history of the Church. Author of Meditations for Lent and Meditations for Advent, Bishop Bossuet has been admired for his piety and eloquence for over three hundred years. Now his meditations on Our Lady are available to you in English — for the very first time! Although we know Our Lady serves as a perfect example of how a Christian should live and bear witness to Our Lord, Scripture contains only a few glimpses of her life, leaving our knowledge limited and our imagination wanting. In these pages, Bishop Bossuet takes you on a stunning pilgrimage through the principal mysteries of Our Lady’s life. He masterfully blends what he’s learned from Sacred Scripture with the spiritual traditions rooted in the heart of the Church, and illuminates it with his own theological reflections. He’ll bring you to a deeper understanding of Our Lady's compassion, her suffering during Christ’s Passion, and the loneliness she felt after his Ascension to heaven. Bishop Bossuet will show you how Jesus brings honor to himself by honoring his mother, and how Our Lady is extraordinary solely because of her alliance with Jesus. Mary teaches us how to let God direct our steps, how to remain humble in commanding and obeying, and how to seek holiness through our daily work. She shows us how to pray with humility and perseverance, to advance in perfection, and, by doing all these things, to conform ourselves to the holy will of God. Each short meditation is worthy of your contemplation, because each contains a lesson directly from the Blessed Mother to sinners like you and me.

Meditations on Mary

Meditations on Mary Author Terence Cooke
ISBN-10 0818906839
Release 1993-01
Pages 132
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Conferences delivered in 1958 on a pilgrimage to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lourdes.

Surprising Mary

Surprising Mary Author Mitch Finley
ISBN-10 9781498299848
Release 2016-09-30
Pages 110
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This is a book for those whose devotion to Mary has been strong and consistent over a lifetime. But it is also a book for those rediscovering Mary, rediscovering the value of devotion to her. Welcome to this small book of meditations and prayers on Mary, the mother of Jesus and our mother, too. As you will see, it has four sections--Mary in Scripture, Mary in the Liturgy, Marian apparitions, and a fourth section which includes devotional prayers to Mary both ancient and modern. The author would like to think that this is a book Mary herself would appreciate. --From the Introduction

Peaceful Living

Peaceful Living Author Mary Mackenzie
ISBN-10 9781892005199
Release 2005
Pages 440
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Each of the 366 meditations in this gathering of wisdom is designed to move readers away from turmoil, strife, and divisiveness and lead them toward peace, resolution, and cooperation. This shift in consciousness is challenging, but with the words and ideas of this book, readers can assemble a collection of practical tools for peaceful living. The learned behaviors of cynicism, resentment, and getting even are replaced with the skills of Nonviolent Communication, including recognizing one's needs and values and making choices in alignment with them. Peaceful Living goes beyond daily affirmations, providing the skills and consciousness you need to transform relationships, heal pain, and discover the life-enriching meaning behind even the most trying situations. Begin each day centered and connected to yourself and your values. Direct the course of your life toward your deepest hopes and needs. Ground yourself in the power of compassionate, conscious living.


Meditation Author Mary Mageau
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The subject of meditation and the great benefits it offers remains a news-worthy topic, as many people now make meditation a part of their daily routine. In this book, Meditation, you will learn; *Why you should meditate *Three meditation techniques *Group and global meditation *Merging meditation into daily life Are you ready to get started?

Days of Grace

Days of Grace Author Mary C. Earle
ISBN-10 081922720X
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 128
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Using the metaphor of pilgrimage, this book invites readers to reflect on living with illness. The heart of the book is a collection of thirty meditations, followed by a reflection, a short prayer, and a suggested spiritual practice. The meditations voice the difficulties and the challenges of living with illness, and call the reader toward a deepening understanding, compassion and generosity. While the meditations intend to offer comfort, they are also written from the conviction that God invites us to grow even in these circumstances. When living with chronic, terminal, or progressive illness, discovering a way to pray can be quite a challenge. These thirty meditations provide a welcome means with practices inspired by the psalms. Excerpt Day One “You will show me the path of life” —Ps. 16:11 If you are reading this meditation, in all probability you are learning to live with illness. Your illness may be chronic or progressive or terminal. In any case, you are entering a school of experience for which our culture offers little wisdom. You are seeking to find a way to live with the stresses and the discomforts of a body that is somehow weakened. You are trying to live within new limitations. You are also coming face to face with the fact of your own mortality. The wisdom tradition of scripture tells us that this kind of experience, as harsh and painful as it may be, also offers us the opportunity to come to terms with reality. We begin to remember that we are creatures. We begin to recognize that our lives are fragile and that our bodies can suffer from many different maladies. We begin to reorient and reframe our lives, within a new context — a context of difficult days and unexpected physical disruption. And we may begin to ask deeper questions about meaning and about life, about death and about eternity. When we ask those questions, we are beginning to take the first steps on a path of life. We are beginning to live at a deeper level, though it may not be the path we would have chosen.

Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety Author Mary NurrieStearns
ISBN-10 9781572246515
Release 2010
Pages 218
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According to yogic philosophy, there are five causes of suffering: separation from the spiritual, limited self-concept, attachments, aversions, and fear of death. With this philosophical contextualization, Yoga for Anxiety examines the causes of anxiety and helps readers create personal yoga programs designed to heal their symptoms and promote personal growth. The book includes yoga self-healing practices, including meditation, self-inquiry exercises, and recitation of mantras, that have been used for centuries to quell anxious feelings and restore mental clarity. A chapter devoted to mindfulness helps readers learn to pause and regroup when they feel stressed instead of acting on their thoughts. Readers will also learn to accept their emotions and develop compassion for themselves as they learn to do away with the feelings of anxiety.

Mary Music and Meditation

Mary  Music  and Meditation Author Christine Getz
ISBN-10 9780253007964
Release 2013-07-08
Pages 368
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Burdened by famine, the plague, and economic hardship in the 1500s, the troubled citizens of Milan, mindful of their mortality, turned toward the veneration of the Virgin Mary and the creation of evangelical groups in her name. By 1594 the diversity of these lay religious organizations reflected in microcosm the varied expressions of Marian devotion in the Italian peninsula. Using archival documents, meditation and music books, and iconographical sources, Christine Getz examines the role of music in these Marian cults and confraternities in order to better understand the Church's efforts at using music to evangelize outside the confines of court and cathedral through its most popular saint. Getz reveals how the private music making within these cults, particularly among women, became the primary mode through which the Catholic Church propagated its ideals of femininity and motherhood.

Mary and your everyday life

Mary and your everyday life Author Bernhard Häring
ISBN-10 0892430702
Release 1978
Pages 128
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Mary and your everyday life has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mary and your everyday life also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mary and your everyday life book for free.

Mary s Life in the Spirit

Mary s Life in the Spirit Author Fr. George T Montague, SM
ISBN-10 9781593254148
Release 2011-06-17
Pages 128
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How did Mary, filled with grace since her conception, live her life in the Holy Spirit? How can she teach us to do the same? Popular author Fr. George Montague, a Marianist priest and a highly respected biblical scholar who has been involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1970, is uniquely qualified to address this topic. In short meditations, Fr. Montague focuses on various aspects of Mary’s life and the Spirit’s involvement in each of them. He also reflects on her collaboration with the Spirit in building up the Church as well as her various apparitions. Stories and examples of modern-day believers show us concretely how Mary can influence our own spiritual lives and deepen our own experience of the Spirit. Readers will enjoy the author’s clear and engaging writing as well as the depth of his reflections. Each meditation ends with a prayer, helping the reader integrate the reflections into his or her own prayer life. Makes a great gift.

Meditations on the Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary

Meditations on the Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary Author Mary Lou Widmer
ISBN-10 9781493156528
Release 2014-02-11
Pages 62
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To meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary, we want to be there with Jesus and Mary. We want to see them and hear their voices. We want to be on the scene in the stable where Jesus was born, in the Temple as Mary enters proudly carrying her baby, at the foot of the cross when Jesus dies. Set the stage in your own mind for these episodes, one at a time, in the lives of Jesus and Mary. Consider their immediate surroundings, their robes and veils and the sandals on their feet. Try to conjure up a room where Mary sleeps, a simple bed, a chair her father made, and a rag rug her mother wove.

The Gift of Loving kindness

The Gift of Loving kindness Author Mary Brantley
ISBN-10 9781572245624
Release 2008
Pages 282
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Loving-kindness, the English translation of the Pali word metta, is defined as unconditional well-wishing and openhearted nurturing of ourselves and others, just as we are. By practicing loving-kindness, you can learn to treat yourself and others-even strangers-like dear friends, putting aside criticism and judgment and choosing instead to open your heart to greater generosity, forgiveness, and compassion. While Buddha taught loving-kindness meditation as an antidote to fear, it can also quiet feelings of anger, judgment, and worry by helping you see the innate goodness within yourself and others. Whether used as part of a formal meditation practice or as daily mindfulness exercises, the 100 meditations in The Gift of Loving-Kindnessmake it easy to open your heart and share the seeds of loving-kindness with others. The Gift of Loving-Kindnessskillfully guides us to train our minds and hearts in the practice of loving-kindness meditation. The meditative exercises in this book can spark one's journey into greater love and compassion or enrich it anywhere along the path. Combining internal reflection and mindful exploration of our heart's capacity, these pragmatic exercises open us to genuine transformation. -Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness Keep The Gift of Loving-Kindnesson your bed table and let its wisdom guide you. This book offers a rich assortment of contemplations that will open and free your heart. -Tara Branch, Buddhist teacher and author of Radical Acceptance: Embracing your Life with the Heart of a Buddha Simply reading these words will awaken you. Actually doing even one of these practices could profoundly transform your life. I offer warm and deep thanks to the authors for blessing us with these hundred doorways to the deepest and best parts of ourselves as human beings. -Jeffrey Brantley, MD, author of Calming Your Anxious Mind Use this practical and heartfelt book to discover how to open your heart in any circumstance. New scientific evidence confirms that filling your heart with loving-kindness can broaden your mind and build your best possible future. -Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D., recipient of the Templeton Positive Psychology Prize Perhaps the greatest power of loving-kindness meditation lies in its elegant simplicity. It is a gentle, easy-to-learn practice, yet its effects are profound, like a deep massage for the mind and soul. The authors present this ancient wisdom in a way that can soothe, deepen, and enrich our busy, modern lives. -Rebecca Elliott, Ph.D., psychologist

Come Lord Jesus

Come  Lord Jesus Author Mother Mary Francis
ISBN-10 9781586174804
Release 2010
Pages 222
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These Advent reflections by the abbess of a Poor Clare monastery and accomplished spiritual writer focus our attention on the coming of Jesus into our lives. There is a double movement to this coming: our active preparation to be ready for him, on one hand, and our patient waiting for the Lord to arrive in his own good time, on the other. There is an art to this simultaneous preparing and waiting, and who knows better than the late and beloved Mother Mary Francis how to encourage us in our attempts to master this art. The joyful yet challenging teaching that we have come to expect from Mother Mary Francis is on display in these Advent conferences written for her spiritual daughters at the Poor Clare Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Meditating on passages from Scripture about the coming of the Messiah into both our world and our hearts, Mother challenges us to persevere in overcoming our faults, while keeping our eyes on the Lord who has called us to himself, for it is he who, through the gifts of his grace, will complete in us the work of sanctification which he has begun. Although written for Advent, the wisdom of Mother Mary Francis collected by her sisters for this volume is profitable at any time, because a Christian life is one of constant growth into the very likeness of God.

Quiet Places with Mary

Quiet Places with Mary Author
ISBN-10 0896222977
Release 1986
Pages 160
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Reflections & meditations on scriptural reference

The Occasional Meditations of Mary Rich Countess of Warwick

The Occasional Meditations of Mary Rich  Countess of Warwick Author Mary Rich Countess of Warwick
ISBN-10 0866984119
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 218
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The Occasional Meditations of Mary Rich Countess of Warwick has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Occasional Meditations of Mary Rich Countess of Warwick also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Occasional Meditations of Mary Rich Countess of Warwick book for free.

A Month with Mary

A Month with Mary Author Ruotolo Dolindo
ISBN-10 9781601140326
Release 2006-04
Pages 93
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This little book, A Month with Mary, also originated from an act of charity of Father Dolindo. Father Dolindo wrote A Month with Mary on pocket-sized pages joined into small fascicles of 8 to 12 pages. He sent them to Laura de Rosis every two to three days and later transcribed them with some modifications in volume III of his Autobiography: The Story of My Life in the Plan of the Great Mercy of God, pp. 1140 ff (cf. Epistolario 1:212n, 218n).This work is from 1912: one of those years which passed in the life of Father Dolindo with the cadence of a "Way of the Cross" ... But he, serene as ever, loved Christ the more, loved Our Lady the more and reflected this love in these few pages to which he wished to give the significant title: A Profound Reform of Heart in the School of Mary.These meditations are written in the style of the Imitation of Christ.Meditations for just one soul!