Me Author Ricky Martin
ISBN-10 1101475048
Release 2010-11-02
Pages 320
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International superstar, Ricky Martin, who has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide, opens up for the first time about memories of his early childhood, experiences in the famed boy band Menudo, struggles with his identity during the Livin' la Vida Loca phenomenon, reflections on coming to terms with his sexuality, relationships that allowed him to embrace love, and life-changing decisions like devoting himself to helping children around the world and becoming a father. Me is an intimate memoir about the very liberating and spiritual journey of one of the most iconic pop-stars of our time. From the Hardcover edition.

This Earthly Tent

This Earthly Tent Author Janelle Green
ISBN-10 9781607911548
Release 2008-10-24
Pages 124
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Janelle Green was a vibrant young wife and mother in 1975. She and her husband Rick had two wonderful little boys and had just welcomed their beautiful little adopted daughter from Vietnam. They were like many other ordinary young families when suddenly her life took on a whole new dimension. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that affects the central nervous system. This is her story-a story of strength, determination and a profound faith in God, a faith that has enabled her to live a life that is an inspiration to us all. In her own words, she tells of her struggles, her triumphs, her dark days and her optimism. Through it all, she relied on her strong belief in God and the promises in His Word. Her book will be a blessing to all readers. Janelle Green is a wife, mother, and a grandmother. She and her husband, Rick have been married for 44 years and have lived in their home near Columbia, South Carolina for 37 years. They have 3 grown children, Alan, Scott and Leah. Alan and his wife, Leslie, have made them the proud grandparents of two beautiful granddaughters, Meredith and Jenna. Janelle has been an active member of Trinity Baptist Church for 25 years. She has had MS for 31 of her 62 years and through the grace of God maintains an active, giving and caring life without depression, anger, or blame, in spite of her illness. She still ministers to others by phone and has a weekly prayer group in her home. She hopes that her story will give others hope, through her positive attitude, her optimism and her belief in God's promise that there are better days ahead.

Love and Grief My Child My Heart

Love and Grief My Child My Heart Author Hamp Thomas
ISBN-10 147817580X
Release 2012-07-02
Pages 38
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A short collection of stories and thoughts that will touch your heart. Losing a child is NOT in the natural order of life and everything changes. This collection will help you through the process. It will make you cry. It will make you think. And, it may help you remember what a gift the time you had together was. Love never dies.

Thoughts of a Stripper A Mother s Story

Thoughts of a Stripper  A Mother s Story Author Opal Dockery
ISBN-10 0557490251
Release 2010-06-02
Pages 177
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In the 1970's, the Burlesque industry was thriving. Nudity and pornography was a public and political outrage. And people across the country were flocking to burlesque theaters to see Melissa St. John: The Upside Down Girl, A.K.A. Wild Star. Little did they know she was a single Mother, alone, on the road, with her two children in boarding schools in separate states. Over a 6 year period while traveling on a burlesque circuit across the country, she was searching for a way to come face to face with her true spirit. Through writing her innermost thoughts on paper, she found herself in the most unconventional way. THOUGHTS OF A STRIPPER: A MOTHER'S STORY, by Opal Dockery, is an inspirational, spiritual and autobiographical journal of a stripper's thoughts over a 6 year period in the 1970's. Her personal thoughts on single parenthood, spirituality, alternative lifestyle thinking, travel, the burlesque industry and family will inspire you, shock you and uplift you.

And This Too Shall Pass

And This Too Shall Pass Author E. Lynn Harris
ISBN-10 9780307831743
Release 2012-11-28
Pages 368
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A stellar quarterback, an ambitious sportscaster. What happens when rising stars collide?In And This Too Shall Pass, Harris takes us into the locker rooms and newsrooms of Chicago, where four lives are about to intersect in romance and scandal. At the heart of the novel is the celibate Zurich, a rookiequarterback for the Chicago Cougars whose trajectory for superstardom is interrupted by a sexual assault charge by Mia, a sportscaster with her own sights on fame. With his career in jeopardy, Zurich hires Tamela, a high-powered attorney, to defend him, while Sean, a gay sportswriter, covers the story and uncovers his heart.All of these characters face the challenge of keeping the faith--in themselves and in God--while Harris's heartfelt storytelling reveals how the love of family can help one to face the terrible legacy of long-held secrets. Throughout these characters' search for self-knowledge, Harris weaves the stories of MamaCee, Zurich's grandmother, whose lessons of faith teach one and all that "this too shall pass."Breaking new ground in contemporary fiction, And This Too Shall Pass entertains and affirms with its stirring message about the healing power of family and faith.

The Flaming Circle

The Flaming Circle Author Robin Artisson
ISBN-10 9780979616846
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 452
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"A Regeneration of the Pre-Christian Spiritual Worldviews and Religious Practices of the Holy Isles." This book is very different from anything Robin Artisson has written so far, for a very special reason: it is written in the tone of a father to his children. This book is a gift for his children, full of things he would want them to know and things he would want to tell them, to help them through their lives. The book is closer, more intimate, and warmer than most of his work. But it includes massive amounts of material regarding native British Isles (Britain and Ireland) traditional Paganism and spiritual ecology, and native Gods and Goddesses. Tons of scholarly backing and personal inspiration, as well as a wide and complete selection of traditional Pagan philosophical "points of guidance" are offered, as a father would want to offer his most beloved offspring. A full working reconstruction of the pre-Christian polytheistic religious perspectives and practices of Pagan Britain and Ireland is "taught" in its pages, like a guidebook and a long letter/narrative being sent from father to children. There is a long occult tradition of such exchanges. All are invited to listen in on a man telling the most important things he can tell his children, and hoping that they remember these things when he is gone and they have children of their own. A very personal project, but one he has wanted to create and write for years, and it deals with years worth of material he has collected.

Sharing Through Song I Will Follow God s Plan for Me

Sharing Through Song   I Will Follow God s Plan for Me Author Alison Palmer
ISBN-10 0882907808
Release 2006-01-01
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Sharing Through Song I Will Follow God s Plan for Me has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sharing Through Song I Will Follow God s Plan for Me also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sharing Through Song I Will Follow God s Plan for Me book for free.

Diaries Through the Eyes of a Woman

Diaries Through the Eyes of a Woman Author Patrice A. Flagg
ISBN-10 9781401017699
Release 2002-02-19
Pages 140
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A Woman; Stories/Poetry pertaining to life experiences, life, love, friendships, life as I know it; This is in rhyme, words that ejected in such a way that express myself, my life as it was dealt. These stories are easily followed, mostly inspired by people and incidents in my life. In three sections; Section one; dedicated to my children, how very much they mean to me, answers to some of their many questions, some amusement, mostly my love of them. Section two: to my husband, my love, my emotions, my passion, our fashions, and my promise. Section three: to family and friends, the life as I know it; starting very early in life explained in the last story Kathleen; my sister & Timothy my brother both died at a very young age. Life with them wonderful, their death unbearable. Another tragedy of a good friend. A story of wonderful friends. A word to my Mom for all she means to me. A diverse section of highs and lows all explained, easy to follow. Finally; Three short stories: Regrets & Scars: A tells all tale of misery in a few relationships that caused me much pain and regret, why I settled for these situations? Maybe out of insecurity, mostly naïve, mainly putting trust where it did not have a place, with those who took advantage. Hopefully my coming clean will protect my nieces and nephews and other teens to better deal with relationships that have no real beginning so therefore cannot possibly carry the power needed to enforce life long respect and happy endings. A Word To My Unborn Child: Just in the case something should happen to me, life of my brother has been swept away without a whisper of goodbye. My new child it will be another son, I want to get the chance to tell him I love him, and let him know what I wish for him, and my other two sons, things that I will teach them myself but, just incase! My Father: A very sick man with little time left, brings out the true feelings of anger, love, judgment that I held a lifetime. Now I realize he's human, made mistakes; his love and I must let him know how very much I love him and forgive him and cannot bear to loose him. I believe this is a book that can be placed on anyone's bookshelf, stories to be read to young children, poetry that can be enjoyed by women, and men too. Stories that can be lessons to teens, true stories that I went through with no happy ending until the real thing came along! Thankfully I was not tangled in the wrong web where as to have missed out. Diaries from this Woman's heart, once broken over and over and mended finally with reality, sense, and love!

Emotional Tattoo s of My Life

Emotional Tattoo s of My Life Author Jamica Taylor
ISBN-10 9781438979052
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 100
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The Book Emotional Tattoo's Of My Life: Provides some provocative insight into how it feels to be brought up into this world feeling unwanted and outcast. To be raised in a world where life becomes a struggle to find out who you really are and your only memento for it all is a case of a stress/depression disorder.

At last my love this I promise

At last my love this I promise Author Peebee Jax
ISBN-10 9781453529447
Release 2010-07-23
Pages 152
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When two hearts become one, both happiness and sometimes sadness will find a place in that seemingly perfect union. As much happiness as we shared, when I look back over our life together, I was blessed that God allowed me to experience such joy and love every day with a man who not only made promises but kept those promises. Even though I have also witnessed sadness to an unimaginable degree since his unexpected death, I can truly say I was still blessed to have loved and been loved to a magnitude I do not have words to describe. A lifetime cannot be defined in terms of hours, days, years, decades or century. Regardless of the length of time any relationship lasts, we must learn to live every minute like it is our last. That is what my one true love taught me! He added truth, honesty, love and devotion together and we had a sum total of joy and happiness divided by the number of offsprings produced by that love. And we never parted in anger or unforgiveness--because no one can predict what the next minute will bring. Sometimes I think my love was just too wise for this world--that is why God called him home to be with Him. As I look back over our life together, I feel enormously blessed by God to have had such a love as this in my lifetime. Only God made it possible. Only God allowed me to experience total bliss for a little while (29.8 years). Words cannot describe the memories stored in my memory bank of our span of time together. In all my days of blissful retreat, the only thing I feel I did not do enough of is giving grateful praise to the Almighty for creating that soul mate just for me and I for him. Life will go on and in each whisk of air against my skin as I sit and read, I will remember it is you my love stopping by to see me every now and then. God saw you were getting tired; So He did what He knew was best. He watched and waited for the exact time, You were in most need of some rest. You did not say to me farewell; Nor even a wave good-bye. God took you swift and easy-- I dare not ask God why. He gave you to me for a while; I loved you with all my heart, I showed you, I told you daily, Even in death, we are not apart. Rest easy Honey until I get there, I will know you when I arrive. We will be just two angels forever, Always--partners--side by side.

Poems About Art Science Love Life

Poems About Art  Science  Love   Life Author Ronald J. Yadusky Bs MD Facs
ISBN-10 9781452085593
Release 2010-10
Pages 140
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These poems came out of the love Dr. Yadusky has for his wife, Margaret, and his children. The will to create and the will to love are one. Poems make love visible, and by doing so they uplift and heal, because in the presence of love everything is healed. Poetry at its essence depicts a spiritual world, because the mind seeks truth, the heart seeks love, and the spirit seeks goodness and God. Poems awaken something in the reader's heart that is beyond knowledge. We can define poetic creation in the same way that we define art itself, namely, spirit expressed into matter. Poets say tangibly what they feel intangibly to give finite form to the infinite. When Dr. Yadusky depicts this creative spirit of love, he shows us the face of God.


Hairology Author Natasha Alcantar
ISBN-10 1456810960
Release 2010-11-02
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Hairology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hairology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hairology book for free.

Organize Now Think and Live Clutter Free

Organize Now  Think and Live Clutter Free Author Jennifer Ford Berry
ISBN-10 9781440327209
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 224
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Find Your Focus! You are bombarded with mental clutter every day--countless distraction, endless options, the perpetual to-do list--and it's holding you back. In this book, organizing expert and best-selling author Jennifer Ford Berry shows you how to quickly cut out the clutter so you can create the home you've always wanted. Shed the meaningless distractions to make room for the things that matter the most to you. Inside you'll find: Easy-to-follow checklists that give you results in just one week. Lists of what to do monthly, seasonally, and annually so you can stay organized. Strategies for making more time for family, friends, and your own well-being. Quick decluttering tips to organize bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and more. Help identifying and honoring your key priorities. Learn how to focus your thoughts, choices, and actions to create the life of your dreams.

A Time For Transformation

A Time For Transformation Author Diana Cooper
ISBN-10 9780349409641
Release 2015-04-02
Pages 176
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We all have the ability to transform our lives. In A Time for Transformation soul therapist Diana Cooper shows us how to awaken to our soul's purpose. Step by step, she takes us through the processes needed to change the way we think and live our lives, so that we can create a better reality for ourselves and others. Using examples from her own life and from her work with clients and in workshops, Diana looks at many key areas, including:· prosperity· abundance· success· careers· resolving conflict· healing hurts· our shadow self· past lives· claiming our power· relationships and much more. This practical and inspirational book shows us beyond doubt that we can transform our lives - and that the time to do it is now! For more information on Diana Cooper please visit

Letters From Dad

Letters From Dad Author Greg Vaughn
ISBN-10 9781418566937
Release 2005-05-30
Pages 224
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What began as a passion in the heart of a father of seven has led to a new men's movement. Many fathers are asking "How do I leave something of lasting value to my children and grandchildren?" This book helps dads leave treasured words of love and blessing to their children.

Notes From My Journey

Notes From My Journey Author Michael A. Curtis
ISBN-10 9781456804350
Release 2010-10-26
Pages 159
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Once in awhile you get more than you deserve in life. Some call it luck and some may call it a blessing. You will get more than your money’s worth in this exciting vast array of topics covered in Notes From My Journey. These short stories cover romance, courage, faith, self help and so much more. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you allow this specially prepared handy work go unread. The author guarantees you thought provoking insight after reading this book. This book is no less than a brave and truthful look at subject matters that are vital for everyday living. Get ready to be challenged and uplifted all because of one simple but very important word which is love.

Thoughts of the Heart

Thoughts of the Heart Author Tammy Lynn Robinson
ISBN-10 9781479751099
Release 2013-01-25
Pages 153
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Thoughts of the Heart, is a collection of snapshots from my personal moments. It was written to encourage every reader to have a good journey in spite of the difficult days you face! It is an easy read and it offers practical points for dealing with everyday life. The reflections are of poems, prayers, passions, keepsakes, and short stories. It provides a variety of feelings expressed in a slightly poetic way. It has an uncommon twist for reasoning with hidden thoughts. It reveals them! Wait, I know there are some things that we must keep to ourselves, and believe me I will! We all know that many thoughts are better off left unsaid. And we should constantly pray down the evil ones. Nevertheless, these thoughts are out! And as you read; you witness my love, my inspiration, my fears, my tears, my hopes, my dreams, and my desire to be open with you. In fact, I gift you with my found treasure. In a nutshell, this book reveals me in a uniquely different and real way! I hope you will find comfort, embrace love, and become moved to action as much as I was compelled to write. Ultimately, I pray you will be inspired to believe that all things are possible through Jesus Christ, think outside of the box of limits, and become motivated to share the amazing gift that God has given you! I encourage you to share your one of a kind self, the self that you were created to share, “Straight from the heart!” We can’t do anything about the past, and we don’t know what the future holds, but we can decide to make the most of the precious moments that we have left! And as you journey on to the end; show the love, make a difference, and highlight your lessons learned then pass them on! In the meantime remember to be simply you, and to find positive and creative ways to express the desires of your heart! Because keeping sentiments, emotions, and love pinned up inside aches the heart, despairs the mind, and keeps you from experiencing your many possibilities! I trust that my perspective will somehow connect with your innermost thoughts and aspirations in one way or another. I hope to spark a positive reaction within you that is unforgettable! So fasten your seat belt and get ready to travel with me through some of my “Memorable Moments,” one page at a time. Please know I wish you well! And whenever you need Christ, He will always be there for you! I promise!