Living in the Light of Death

Living in the Light of Death Author Larry Rosenberg
ISBN-10 9780834824706
Release 2001-09-18
Pages 192
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This book presents the Buddhist approach to facing the inevitable facts of growing older, getting sick, and dying. These tough realities are not given much attention by many people until midlife, when they become harder to avoid. Using a Buddhist text known as the Five Subjects for Frequent Recollection, Larry Rosenberg shows how intimacy with the realities of aging can actually be used as a means to liberation. When we become intimate with these inevitable aspects of life, he writes, we also become intimate with ourselves, with others, with the world—indeed with all things.

Living in the Light of Death

Living in the Light of Death Author Frank Scalambrino
ISBN-10 0998870404
Release 2017-04-05
Pages 128
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By developing an Eastern existential understanding of death from the perspective of Zen Buddhism, Bushidō (the Way of the Samurai), and Japanese haiku poets, this book articulates an ethics of sincerity between the contemplative-meditation practice of mindfulness and the three Buddhist characteristics of existence: impermanence, suffering, and non-substantiality. Through an examination and discussion of the six perfections of Buddhism, karma and enlightenment, the samurai virtues of Bushidō, and the Japanese aesthetic masterfully expressed in the nature, travel, and death poems of haiku poets (a mixture of Zen and mōnō nō aware), readers may gain a deeper appreciation of the death-centered character ethics, or art of living, Scalambrino calls "living in the light of death."

The Light of Life

The Light of Life Author Delmar D. Bryant
ISBN-10 0787301264
Release 1996-09-01
Pages 177
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1911 Contents: What is Life; the Lost Word; the Origin of Gods; the Creative Principle; the Fantasy of Death; the Garden of the Gods; the Tree of Life; the Mystery of Christ and the Church; the Stone the Builders Reflected; Changing of Water in.

Living in the Light of His Love

Living in the Light of His Love Author Nina Smit
ISBN-10 9781415315088
Release 2011-08-26
Pages 320
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Devotions to encourage you in every season of your life, with beautiful interior design and uplifting content. Nina Smit encourages readers to live out their faith in a practical, down to earth way that everyone can relate to. Living in the Light of His Love is available in a convenient, carry-along format, and will make a wonderful gift for friends, family or yourself.

Living in the Light of God s Love

Living in the Light of God   s Love Author Mari Keisling
ISBN-10 9781490833323
Release 2014-07-31
Pages 158
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Abiding may sound passive and inactive, but it is the active process of staying—staying close to Jesus, focusing on Him, walking with Him, and living in His light. If walking as He did is how our claim to live in Him is realized, then we need to know what He did that we should be doing as well. Jesus experienced fellowship with His disciples, obeyed His heavenly Father, was humble to the point of death, grew in wisdom and the knowledge of Scripture, and prayed always. God calls each of us to different tasks, places, and purposes, but one thing is consistent for all of us: we can’t do any of it or go anywhere without Him. Jesus had His unique purpose in this world as do we, and so just like Him we need to remain in the Father. His life was a living sacrifice, and it is our spiritual act of worship to live like Him. As we step into God’s light, it will shine truth on our lives—truth that is sometimes hard to recognize, hard to acknowledge, and hard to live out. But as we learn to live in His light, He gives us clarity, understanding and transforms us from the inside out. We learn to walk in His light shining it wherever we go. Why? God loves the whole world, and He loves you. Everything He calls us to do according to His purpose is to show His love to the world and bring glory to Himself. As you work through the disciplines of fellowship, obedience, humility, meditation, prayer, and worship, you will learn how to draw close to the Father, follow the example of Jesus, and shine His light bright for all to see.

Living in Death

Living in Death Author T.D. Peter
ISBN-10 9781482801118
Release 2013-07-21
Pages 442
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The uncertainty of one’s life and the inevitability of death is a dilemma that has tormented the human mind in all ages. One way of resolving the conundrum has been to imagine, if not firmly believe, that the individual self is immortal and deathless, notwithstanding the fact that the physical body must perish. If nothing, it weans one away from the fear of death towards an earnest hope in a blissful afterlife. Living in Death is a scholarly critique on the death poetry of Emily Dickinson and T. S. Eliot. By deftly comparing their styles, diction, and motifs, Dr. T. D. Peter unravels the beauty of contemplating and courting the compelling presence of death as an unshakeable ontological reality. The author looks through the “mirror of the death” poetry of two signature poets of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries—the former, an inimitable and indwelling poetic genius who defies classification and transcends time and trends; the latter, a trail-blazing and celebrated scion of modern classical poetry who impresses with his erudition and edification, imagism, and symbolism. He finds more by way of contrast than similarity in their strikingly opposite life lines and, no less, to their varying allegiance to faith and reason, religion and spirituality.

Living in the Face of Death

Living in the Face of Death Author Glenn H. Mullin
ISBN-10 1559399082
Release 2008-12-15
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Whereas Western society views death as the last taboo, the Tibetan tradition incorporates meditation on death into everyday life. Tibetan Buddhists believe that a conscious awareness of one's own impermanence allows a person to live a happy, fulfilled life. Over the centuries, the Tibetans have developed a wide-ranging literature on death, including inspirational poetry and prose, prayers, and practical works on caring for the dying. This fascinating book presents nine short Tibetan texts. Important writings by the Second, Seventh, and Thirteenth Dalai Lamas and by Karma Lingpa, author of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, are included. It covers topics such as meditation techniques to prepare for death, inspirational accounts of the deaths of saints and yogis, and methods for training the mind in the transference of consciousness at the time of death.

van lyi in l m

  van   lyi   in   l  m  Author Lev Tolstoy
ISBN-10 9789750720901
Release 2014-02-18
Pages 88
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van lyi in l m has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from van lyi in l m also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full van lyi in l m book for free.

Living in the Land of Death

Living in the Land of Death Author Donna L. Akers
ISBN-10 9780870138836
Release 2004-07-31
Pages 202
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With the Indian Removal Act of 1830, the Choctaw people began their journey over the Trail of Tears from their homelands in Mississippi to the new lands of the Choctaw Nation. Suffering a death rate of nearly 20 percent due to exposure, disease, mismanagement, and fraud, they limped into Indian Territory, or, as they knew it, the Land of the Dead (the route taken by the souls of Choctaw people after death on their way to the Choctaw afterlife). Their first few years in the new nation affirmed their name for the land, as hundreds more died from whooping cough, floods, starvation, cholera, and smallpox. Living in the Land of the Dead depicts the story of Choctaw survival, and the evolution of the Choctaw people in their new environment. Culturally, over time, their adaptation was one of homesteads and agriculture, eventually making them self-sufficient in the rich new lands of Indian Territory. Along the Red River and other major waterways several Choctaw families of mixed heritage built plantations, and imported large crews of slave labor to work cotton fields. They developed a sub-economy based on interaction with the world market. However, the vast majority of Choctaws continued with their traditional subsistence economy that was easily adapted to their new environment. The immigrant Choctaws did not, however, move into land that was vacant. The U.S. government, through many questionable and some outright corrupt extralegal maneuvers, chose to believe it had gained title through negotiations with some of the peoples whose homelands and hunting grounds formed Indian Territory. Many of these indigenous peoples reacted furiously to the incursion of the Choctaws onto their rightful lands. They threatened and attacked the Choctaws and other immigrant Indian Nations for years. Intruding on others’ rightful homelands, the farming-based Choctaws, through occupation and economics, disrupted the traditional hunting economy practiced by the Southern Plains Indians, and contributed to the demise of the Plains ways of life.

Aries Pisces Cusp Baby Softcover

Aries Pisces Cusp Baby  Softcover Author Iris Karuna
ISBN-10 9780991917907
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Aries Pisces Cusp Baby Softcover has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Aries Pisces Cusp Baby Softcover also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Aries Pisces Cusp Baby Softcover book for free.

Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness

Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness Author Henepola Gunaratana
ISBN-10 9780861719204
Release 2011-08-23
Pages 288
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In the same engaging style that has endeared him to readers of Mindfulness In Plain English, Bhante Gunaratana delves deeply into each step of the Buddha's most profound teaching on bringing an end to suffering: the noble eightfold path. With generous and specific advice, Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness offers skillful ways to handle anger, to find right livelihood, and to cultivate loving-friendliness in relationships with parents, children, and partners, as well as tools to overcome all the mental hindrances that prevent happiness. Whether you are an experienced meditator or someone who's only just beginning, this gentle and down-to-earth guide will help you bring the heart of the Buddha's teachings into every aspect of your life. A Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards finalist (Spirituality/Inspirational).

The Living in the Light

The Living in the Light Author Shakti Gawain
ISBN-10 1577310470
Release 1998-11-01
Pages 168
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In addition to balancing feminine & masculine energies, the author guides in examining several other fundamental polarities everyone has, such as power & vulnerability. Includes forty-five new & updated exercises & meditations.

Living in the Eighth Day

Living in the Eighth Day Author John-Brian Paprock
ISBN-10 9781847283153
Release 2006-10
Pages 142
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Pastoral reflections and spiritual guidance from Eastern Oriental Orthodox Christian mission in contemporary America. Written by American priest, Father John-Brian Paprock, the reflections follow the year of holy seasons according to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church calendar.

Lessons from the Light

Lessons from the Light Author Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino
ISBN-10 9781609259952
Release 2006-09-01
Pages 368
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While providing many accounts of near-death experiences (NDEs) from men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds, Lessons from the Light is much more than just an inspiring collection of NDEs. In Lessons near-death expert Kenneth Ring extracts the pure gold of the NDE and with a beautiful balance of sound research and human insight reveals the practical wisdom held within these experiences. As Stanley Krippner states, "In this remarkable book, Ring presents evidence that merely learning about the near-death experience has similar positive effects to those reported by people who actually have had near-death experiences. Kenneth Ring is one of the few authors whose gifts include the capacity to transform their readers' lives."

Living in the Shadow of Death From a Child of War to a Soldier of Christ

Living in the Shadow of Death  From a Child of War to a Soldier of Christ Author Samuel Patrick Okurut
ISBN-10 9781537850573
Release 2017-08-30
Pages 159
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A testimony of the grace poured out to me, amidst the struggles of growing up in both tribal oppression and civil war, surviving in the jungles of Uganda, being tortured to the point of death, and ultimately learning what it means to die to myself and to follow Christ - even to the other side of the world. The man that I am today is a testimony of the saving power of God, and of the profound healing that comes through forgiveness. This book will bring you back with me to my childhood: to the joys of being a young boy on my Papa’s farm, to the traumas of war, and the struggles of life that have brought me to where I am today. In the middle of a torture chamber back in 2002, I promised God that if He would free me, I would tell everyone that I would meet about what He did for me. Through every adversity, through all of the trials and testing of my faith, God was there and He was on His throne. He is there in your life too. (All proceeds from the sales of this book support my family on the mission field in El Salvador. We are working with The Father’s Heart Foundation, to bring hope to the hopeless and to lead both spiritual and physical orphans to the Father-heart of God.)

Kitap Hirsizi

Kitap Hirsizi Author Markus Zusak
ISBN-10 6053483257
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 574
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Kitap Hirsizi has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Kitap Hirsizi also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Kitap Hirsizi book for free.

Living in the Light

Living in the Light Author Derrick McCarson
ISBN-10 9781620329030
Release 2013-05-24
Pages 204
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The letters of John are some of the most simple yet profound texts in the New Testament. The Apostle John wrote three epistles at the close of the first century to counteract the heresy of Gnosticism and to focus on what it meant to know God by walking in His light. He contrasted the Christian life in stark opposites--light and darkness, love and hatred, truth and lies, life and death. In Living in the Light, Derrick McCarson reveals the heart of John's message: salvation is not found in hidden, secret knowledge, but in the fellowship of Christ. Moreover, the evidence of salvation is seen by loving others, abiding in the truth and obedience to God's commands. Living in the Light is a verse-by-verse commentary on the epistles of John. This volume is ideal for believers who are looking to go deeper in their discipleship with Christ. With an emphasis on practical application and precise exposition, this book will enhance the reader's personal Bible study.