Korean Cooking Made Easy

Korean Cooking Made Easy Author Soon Young Chung
ISBN-10 0794604978
Release 2007-07-15
Pages 96
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Flavorful and satisfying, Korean cuisine is a tantalizing balance of tastes and textures--fiery peppers are a counterpoint to mild rice, fragrant sesame oil adds a hint of sweetness to meat and vegetables, and pickled kimchi adds zest with its tanginess and crunch. And, best of all, Korean food emphasizes vegetables and grains, making it as healthy as it is delicious.

Hanguo cai de di yi tang ke

Hanguo cai de di yi tang ke Author 蔡洁仪
ISBN-10 9882027830
Release 2011
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Hanguo cai de di yi tang ke has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hanguo cai de di yi tang ke also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hanguo cai de di yi tang ke book for free.

Korean Food Made Simple

Korean Food Made Simple Author Judy Joo
ISBN-10 9780544663084
Release 2016-05-03
Pages 288
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125 simple Korean recipes from the host of the Cooking Channel television show of the same name In Korean Food Made Simple, Judy Joo, host of the Cooking Channel’s show of the same name and Food Network regular, brings Korean food to the masses, proving that it’s fun and easy to prepare at home. As a Korean-American, Judy understands how to make dishes that may seem exotic and difficult accessible to the everyday cook. The book has over 100 recipes including well-loved dishes like kimchi, sweet potato noodles (japchae), beef and vegetable rice bowl (bibimbap), and Korean fried chicken, along with creative, less-traditional recipes like Spicy Pork Belly Cheese Steak, Krazy Korean Burgers, and Fried Fish with Kimchi Mayo and Sesame Mushy Peas. In addition, there are chapters devoted to sauces, desserts, and drinks as well as a detailed list for stocking a Korean pantry, making this book a comprehensive guide on Korean food and flavors. Enjoying the spotlight as the hot Asian cuisine, Korean food is on the rise, and Judy’s bold and exciting recipes are go-tos for making it at home.

The Ultimate Korean Cookbook

The Ultimate Korean Cookbook Author Ted Alling
ISBN-10 153714362X
Release 2016-08-17
Pages 58
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This book is designed for your assistance so that you can enjoy delicious Korean Food Recipes. Korean cuisine has a complex blend of dumplings, sweet and sour dishes, soups, stews, etc. If you want something healthy, try pickles and vegetable recipes. Korean cuisine is really good for health conscious people because of its ingredients and delicious taste. If you want to enjoy something unique, you should try these recipes. Korean cookbook has 25 unique recipes with complete instructions and images. This book will be a unique guide for those people who like to enjoy Korean recipes. If you want to throw a Korean themed party, you should try recipes given in this book. This book offers: - Korean Pancakes, Small Bites, and Dumplings - Salads, Kimchi, and Pickles - Meat and Vegetable Recipes in Korean Style - Drinks and Sweet Treats Download this book to enjoy Korean Cooking because there are 25 amazing recipes for everyone to try Korean cuisine.

Asian Cooking Made Easy

Asian Cooking Made Easy Author Periplus Editors,
ISBN-10 9781462904983
Release 2012-05-15
Pages 96
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Enjoy the authentic flavors of Asia with ease and in your own kitchen. Asian Cooking Made Easy features over 50 delicious recipes from the kitchens of China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Use this Asian cookbook to treat yourself to the authentic tastes and sensations of Asian food, from delightful starters such as Crabmeat Omelet to tasty seafood and noodle recipes including Fish Steaks in Fragrant Coconut Gravy and Singapore Hokkien Mee. Taste the subtle blends and rich flavors of Asian cuisine with this handy cookbook. Featuring easy, clear recipes and step-by-step photographs, along with a glossary of ingredients, Asian Cooking Made Easy will help ensure fantastic results every time! This book of Asian recipes includes instructions for: basic recipes, salads, appetizers, soups, noodles, rice, poultry, meat, seafood, vegetables, and desserts. Inside, you'll be treated to 53 recipes of authentic favorites from all over the Asian continent. Also included in this book are unit conversion tables, dual measurements, over 50 detailed photos, and an overview of basic Asian ingredients needed to create these delicious Asian favorites. Enjoy! Recipes include: Miso soup with clams Green papaya soup with shrimp Singapore braised noodles Classic Chinese fried rice Sweet soy chicken and egg on rice Barbecued chicken breasts with miso Braised soy duck Fragrant lamb curry Japanese pan-fried fish And many more favorites!

Insight Guides South Korea

Insight Guides  South Korea Author Insight Guides
ISBN-10 9781786716644
Release 2016-10-01
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One of the world's most exciting and cutting-edge countries, South Korea is a fascinating East Asian powerhouse, where ancient temples rub up alongside dazzling technology. Be inspired to visit by the new edition of Insight Guide South Korea, a comprehensive full-colour guide to all that's weird and wonderful about the country. Inside Insight Guide South Korea: A new edition by expert authors. Stunning photography that brings this fascinating country and its people to life. Highlights of the country's top attractions, including captivating former capital Gyeongju, the Unesco World Heritage Site of Haein-sa Temple and the still-relevant DMZ in our Best of South Korea. Descriptive region-by-region accounts cover the whole country, from pulsating Seoul to the remote islands of the Jeolla Provinces. Detailed, high-quality maps throughout will help you get around and travel tips give you all the essential information for planning a memorable trip. About Insight Guides: Insight Guides has over 40 years' experience of publishing high-quality, visual travel guides. We produce around 400 full-colour print guide books and maps as well as picture-packed eBooks to meet different travellers' needs. Insight Guides' unique combination of beautiful travel photography and focus on history and culture together create a unique visual reference and planning tool to inspire your next adventure. 'Insight Guides has spawned many imitators but is still the best of its type.' - Wanderlust Magazine

Cooking Made Simple

Cooking Made Simple Author
ISBN-10 9780976213901
Release 2007
Pages 77
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Cooking Made Simple has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cooking Made Simple also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cooking Made Simple book for free.

Mini Korean Favorites

Mini Korean Favorites Author Moon,
ISBN-10 9781462911998
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 64
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Korean Favorites contains recipes to make over 35 delicious, authentic Korean classics. Korean food puts heavy emphasis on rice, vegetables, and meats and has been gaining popularity in recent years. Korean food is known for being savory, spicy, and healthy. This wonderful Korean cookbook includes recipes for a diverse selection of foods like condiments, pickles, desserts, meats, poultry, rice, noodles, seafood, snacks, appetizers, soups, and stews. Recipes include: Classic cabbage kimchi Crisp honey ginger donuts Bulgogi Sesame ginger chicken Bibimbap Stir fried shrimp Seafood and scallion pancakes (Pajeon) Beef rib soup And many more Korean favorites! Also included are unit conversion tables, dual measurements, over 35 clear photos, and an overview of basic Korean ingredients to create some of the tastiest Korean classics. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!


Appetites Author Anthony Bourdain
ISBN-10 9783959716673
Release 2017-04-10
Pages 304
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In Appetites stellt Anthony Bourdain seine Lieblingsgerichte vor, die ihm schon während seiner Kindheit, später in seiner Karriere als Koch und natürlich auf seinen Reisen ans Herz gewachsen sind. Doch Appetites ist weit mehr als ein Kochbuch. Es ist ein Kunstwerk. Ein Manifest. Eine Reflexion über das (richtige) Leben und ein Schlachtplan für die Küche, der dabei hilft, Gäste mit atemberaubender Effizienz in Schrecken zu versetzen. Die Fotos sind rebellisch, frech, ungeschönt, unkonventionell. Sie zeigen, wie es in einer Küche wirklich zugeht, und zelebrieren Bourdains Bad-Boy-Image auf schaurig-schöne Weise. Die Gerichte schmecken dennoch fantastisch und sollten – in Bourdains Augen – wirklich von jedem gekocht werden können.

Pineapples Passion Fruit and Poi

Pineapples Passion Fruit and Poi Author Mary Lou Gebhard
ISBN-10 9781462912766
Release 2012-11-27
Pages 127
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Here are more than two hundred recipes from Hawaii that are as varied and distinctive, as appealing and inviting as are its delightful scenery and its charming people. Polynesian to begin with, the islanders and their food have been tempered extensively—and nicely—by assimilating many of the fine traits of the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipinos, Portuguese, and mainland Americans who have make Hawaii their home. All of these influences are reflected in this delightful potpourri of delectable and distinctive Hawaiian dishes. Some of them call for the generous use of the Islands luscious fruits and vegetables, or its readily available and varied products of the sea, with plenty more proving how versatile pork and poultry can be. Besides describing a kaleidoscopic variety of drinks, desserts, and main dishes, this book provides numerous menus and complete notes on how to entertain in a truly Hawaiian manner. In addition there is a glossary of Hawaiian terms and an extensive list of specialty food shops in the United States where one can find the few unusual ingredients that are called for.

Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2014

Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2014 Author Editors of Cooking Light Magazine
ISBN-10 9780848743932
Release 2013-12-10
Pages 416
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Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2014 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2014 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2014 book for free.

Mini Delicious Hong Kong Style Recipes

Mini Delicious Hong Kong Style Recipes Author Cecilia Au-Yang
ISBN-10 9781462915392
Release 2005-06-15
Pages 64
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With its clear defined photos and easy to read recipes, Delicious Hong Kong Style Recipes contains everything you need to know to create over 30 delicious and authentic Hong Kong dishes. This cookbook contains recipes for a variety of dishes that are both healthy and appetizing. Delicious Hong Kong Style Recipes features recipes for desserts, fish & seafood, meat, poultry, rice, noodles, snacks, soups, and vegetables. Recipes include: Water chestnut pudding Deep fried fish fritters Shredded beef with bean sprouts Chicken in black bean sauce Chinese cold noodles Chinese savory pancakes Turnip pudding Braised beancurd with mushrooms Also included are unit conversion tables, dual measurements, and an overview of the basic necessities for cooking authentic and appetizing food from Hong Kong. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!

Everyday Asian

Everyday Asian Author Marnie Henricksson
ISBN-10 9780062032706
Release 2012-12-26
Pages 336
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Love Asian food but too intimidated to make it at home? Do you find yourself flipping through an Asian cookbook, and then going out for Thai noodles or Korean Barbecue, rather than going into your kitchen? When Marnie Henricksson gave up her noodle shop in Greenwich Village, and settled down to raise her kids in the 'burbs, she had difficulty finding her favorite Asian ingredients at the local supermarket. So, Marnie tweaked her recipes to work with readily available ingredients, allowing her and her family to enjoy Asian food everyday. In Everyday Asian, Marnie shares seventy-five of her favorite dishes with home cooks. As the recipes draw on the traditional cuisines of Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, Marnie begins the book with a chapter detailing how to find, make, and store necessary ingredients, as well as giving advice on invaluable kitchen equipment for Asian cooking. Here's your opportunity to master classicdishes such as Pad Thai, Chinese Pork Roasts, Spring Rolls, and Vietnamese Pho, and expand your imagination with Marnie's innovative recipes for Asian Pesto (replace pine nuts with peanuts and Italian basil with Thai basil, cilantro, and mint) and Spicy Chicken Wings (an American classic with a good dose of Asian spices). It's clear from the abundance of Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Vietnamese restaurants that Americans are crazy about Asian food; however, cooking the real thing at home has always been a problem if you don't live near an Asian market. Now, with Marnie's easy-to-follow recipes, enjoying Asian food as often as you like is just a supermarket aisle away.

Modernist Cuisine at Home

Modernist Cuisine at Home Author Nathan Myhrvold
ISBN-10 3836546485
Release 2013
Pages 676
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Modernist Cuisine at Home has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Modernist Cuisine at Home also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Modernist Cuisine at Home book for free.

Indonesian Cakes Desserts

Indonesian Cakes   Desserts Author William W. Wongso
ISBN-10 9781462911097
Release 2012-12-25
Pages 64
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Indonesian Cakes & Desserts offers over 30 easy recipes to make some of the tastiest Southeast Asian treats. Indonesia is an archipelago rich with tropical fruits. The people of Indonesia have been crafting delectable desserts for thousands of years. Featured in this cookbook are some of the authentic recipes to make cakes, pastries, smoothies, porridges, custards, cookies, pudding, and tarts that taste like they’re straight from Bali or Java. Recipes include: Mashed banana and coconut cream fritters Sweet potato fritters Durian tarts Avocado smoothies Steamed caramel cakes Sweet sago rolls Sweet coconut pancakes Sugar-frosted black rice cakes Fried banana Any many more Indonesian favorites! Also included in this book are unit conversion tables, dual unit measurements, an overview of the most essential Indonesian dessert ingredients, and over 30 large clear photos. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!

Die Spiegelstadt

Die Spiegelstadt Author Justin Cronin
ISBN-10 9783641202569
Release 2016-10-31
Pages 992
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Die Zwölf – Wesen der Dunkelheit, Todfeinde der Menschen – sind vernichtet, ihre hundertjährige Schreckensherrschaft über die Welt ist vorüber. Nach und nach wagen sich die Überlebenden aus ihrer eng ummauerten Zuflucht, Hoffnung keimt auf. Auf den Ruinen der einstigen Zivilisation wollen sie eine neue, eine bessere Gesellschaft aufbauen: der älteste Traum der Menschheit. Doch in einer fernen, verlassenen Stadt lauert der Eine: Zero. Der Erste. Der Vater der Zwölf, der den Ursprung des Virus in sich trägt. Einst ein hochbegabter Wissenschaftler, der, seit er seine große Liebe verlor, nur noch von Rachedurst und Wut erfüllt ist. Sein Ziel ist es, die Menschheit endgültig auszulöschen. Seine Truppen sind bereit. Und der Zeitpunkt ist gekommen. Nur Amy vermag ihn jetzt noch aufzuhalten, das Mädchen aus dem Nirgendwo, die einzige Hoffnung der Menschheit. Und so treten sie und ihre Freunde an zum letzten großen Kampf zwischen Licht und Dunkelheit ...

Food and Nutrition Grains to legumes

Food and Nutrition  Grains to legumes Author Dayle Hayes
ISBN-10 0761478248
Release 2009
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Food choices can be complex and confusing, with mixed messages, advertising hype, and misinformation. There is a heightened awareness about nutrition, weight control, and chronic diseases in childhood. It is helpful to have a source that can be trusted with easy-to-understand information about food and nutrition.