Ethical Questions

Ethical Questions Author Bina Gupta
ISBN-10 0742513130
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 281
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Eastern Philosophy represents one of the most ancient intellectual traditions of human culture, yet it is generally ignored by Western philosophers. Today more than ever, the need for understanding in a global community should be stressed as the scope, scale, and complexity of social changes increase. Bina Gupta strives to obtain a harmonious balance between the two traditions in her book Ethical Questions: East and West. Both ancient and modern sources such as the Buddha, Aristotle, the Upanishads, Simone de Beauvoir, Kant, and Alasdair MacIntyre are used to illustrate the varying traditions.

Ethical Issues in Clinical Neuropsychology

Ethical Issues in Clinical Neuropsychology Author Shane Bush
ISBN-10 9026519249
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 275
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Until now there has been no single volume in which a broad and comprehensive scope of ethical questions in neuropsychology is discussed. These editors have sought to fill that gap, calling upon leading thinkers in the field of neuropsychology and ethics. Ethical Issues in Clinical Neuropsychology affords the seasoned practitioner as well as the beginner a broad sampling of research and commentary on the ethical dilemmas involved in the clinical practice of Neuropsychology. Part 1 presents ethical issues that arise in the provision of neuropsychological services irrespective of setting, whereas Part 2 concentrates on the unique ethical challenges that attend practice with specific populations. Each chapter offers a rare view into the actual practice of Neuropsychology and the examples highlight an oft-quoted observation at Ethics Committee meetings that good clinical practice is good ethical practice. Carefully crafted vignettes allow the reader to apply these concepts to a myriad of situations confronting practicing clinical neuropsychologists. The discerning reader of Ethical Issues in Clinical Neuropsychology should have no difficulty translating between the 1992 and the proposed ethics code. This is a volume that will be a meaningful addition not only to the libraries of graduate students, interns, and postdoctoral fellows but also to the reference shelves of established practitioners and those preparing for board certification examinations in neuropsychology. This book will be of interest to neuropsychologists, rehabilitation psychologists, clinical psychologists and ethicists.

Genetic Technology and Sport

Genetic Technology and Sport Author Claudio Tamburrini
ISBN-10 9781134293407
Release 2005-11-03
Pages 240
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Will the genetic design of athletes destroy sport ... or will it lead to a new and extraordinary age of athletic achievement? Exploring a new territory in sport and ethics, this edited collection contains some of the best new writing that has emerged from the debates concerning the uses of genetic technologies to improve sport performance. Issues covered include: * gene technology and sports ethics * genetic testing in sports * gene technology and the sporting ethos * gene technology and gender equality in sport. This cutting-edge text is the first on the subject to analyze gender specific questions that arise from genetically modified sport and is likely to provoke further debate in the world of sport and bio-ethics. Contributors include Lincoln Allison, Ruth Chadwick, Arne Ljungqvist, Andy Miah, Christian Munthe, Bengt Saltin, Angela Schnieder and many more.


Bioethics Author Thomas Anthony Shannon
ISBN-10 0809134446
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 542
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Issues in bioethics, medicine, and healthcare continue to plague us - as patients as consumers, as citizens. Here, under one cover, are thirty of the most current and perceptive articles, culled from key medical, ethical, philosophical, legal and theological journals. Dr. Shannon once again offers - to healthcare professionals and students alike - access to this decade's core bioethics questions, a spectrum of viewpoints, and a wealth of insight.

Ethical Questions in Dentistry

Ethical Questions in Dentistry Author James T. Rule
ISBN-10 0867154438
Release 2004
Pages 320
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Updated to reflect the current ethical climate, this book presents clinical practice cases in which arguments can be made for differing courses of action or in which the obligations of the professional are in conflict; the reader is asked to determine the ethically correct response to such conflicts. In this revised edition, detailed background material has been added to many of the cases to foster more well-reasoned ethical decision making. In addition, cases on sexual harassment and advertising have been introduced, and those on financial and HIV issues have been updated. An entirely new chapter on the structure and obligations of the various professions has been added. This book will continue to be of value to members of the dental profession and is now better suited to the needs of ethics courses for dental students.

Ethical Issues in Archaeology

Ethical Issues in Archaeology Author Larry J. Zimmerman
ISBN-10 0759102716
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 300
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Edited volume exploring key issues in ethics for archaeologists. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Ethical Issues in Biotechnology

Ethical Issues in Biotechnology Author Richard Sherlock
ISBN-10 0742513777
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 643
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Visit our website for sample chapters!

Ethical Issues in Business

Ethical Issues in Business Author Peg Tittle
ISBN-10 1551112574
Release 2000-04-13
Pages 552
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The core of this text comprises chapters on all the key issues of business in Canada today. Each chapter includes a hypothetical case study and an introduction highlighting key ethical points; two academic essays; and a real-life case study. Questions for discussion accompany the essays and case studies. The author has also included a general introduction to ethical issues and an overview of ethical theory; a section on institutionalizing ethics (discussing ethics officers/programs/codes etc.); and appendices providing excerpts from important classic contributions to ethical theory and from relevant Canadian law.

Ethical Questions in Brain and Behavior

Ethical Questions in Brain and Behavior Author Donald W. Pfaff
ISBN-10 9781461255901
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 158
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Ethical Questions in Brain and Behavior has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ethical Questions in Brain and Behavior also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ethical Questions in Brain and Behavior book for free.

Ethical Issues in Home Health Care

Ethical Issues in Home Health Care Author Sheri Smith
ISBN-10 9780398085971
Release 2008
Pages 259
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This book will help to answer some of the growing number of ethical questions and more complex issues that home health care nurses face. The cases presented in each chapter of the book are fictionalized situations based on interviews conducted with home health care nurses in both hospital-sponsored and private agencies, in hospices, and in urban and rural settings. Each chapter of the book is devoted to one of the main areas of concern for home health care nurses. Focusing on specific cases, it offers analysis and discussion of the ethical issues, cites legal requirements where relevant, and s.

Ethical Issues in Social Work

Ethical Issues in Social Work Author Richard Hugman
ISBN-10 9781134854462
Release 2002-09-09
Pages 212
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It has always been recognised that the practice of social work raises ethical questions and dilemmas. Recently, however, traditional ways of addressing ethical issues in social work have come to seem inadequate, as a result of developments both in philosophy and in social work theory and practice. This collection of thought-provoking essays explores the ethics of social work practice on the light of these changes. Ethical Issues in Social Work provides up to date critical analyses of the ethical implications of new legislation in community care and criminal justice, and of trends in social work thought and policy, such as managerialism, user empowerment, feminism and anti-oppressive practice. This study provides important and stimulating reading for social work students and their teachers, and for all practitioners and managers who are concerned about the ethical dimensions of their work.

Architecture and Its Ethical Dilemmas

Architecture and Its Ethical Dilemmas Author Nicholas Ray
ISBN-10 9781134274727
Release 2007-05-07
Pages 192
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A cast of leading writers and practitioners tackle the ethical questions that architects are increasingly facing in their work, from practical considerations in construction to the wider social context of buildings, their appearance, use and place in the narrative of the environment. This book gives an account of these ethical questions from the perspectives of historical architectural practice, philosophy, and business, and examines the implications of such dilemmas. Taking the current discussion of ethics in architecture on to a new stage, this volume provides an accumulation of diverse opinions, focusing on architects' actions and products that materially affect the lives of people in all urbanized societies.

Ethical Questions

Ethical Questions Author Thomas Cogan
ISBN-10 NWU:35558005315441
Release 1817
Pages 439
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Ethical Questions has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ethical Questions also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ethical Questions book for free.

Ethical Issues in Journalism and the Media

Ethical Issues in Journalism and the Media Author Andrew Belsey
ISBN-10 0415069270
Release 1992
Pages 179
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This book examines the ethical concepts which lie at the heart of journalism, including freedom, democracy, truth, objectivity, honesty and privacy. The common concern of the authors is to promote ethical conduct in the practice of journalism, as well as the quality of the information that readers and audience receive from the media.

Ethical Questions and International NGOs

Ethical Questions and International NGOs Author Keith Horton
ISBN-10 9048185920
Release 2010-03-29
Pages 241
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In recent decades there has been a great expansion in the number, size and influence of International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) involved in international relief and development. These changes have led to increased scrutiny of such organisations, and this scrutiny, together with increasing reflection by INGOs themselves and their staff on their own practice, has helped to highlight a number of pressing ethical questions such organisations face, such as: should INGOs attempt to provide emergency assistance even when doing so risks helping to fuel further conflict? How should INGOs manage any differences between their values and those of the people they seek to benefit? How open and honest should INGOs be about their own uncertainties and failures? This book consists of sustained reflections on such questions. It derives from a workshop held at Melbourne University in July 2007 that brought together a group of people – for the most part, reflective practitioners and moral and political philosophers – to discuss such questions. It explores honestly some of the current challenges and dilemmas that INGOs face, and also suggests some new ideas for meeting these challenges. Our hope is that the kind of explicit reflection on the ethical issues INGOs face exemplified in this publication will help to promote a wider debate about these issues, a debate that in turn will help INGO managers and others to make better, wiser, more ethically informed decisions.

Ethical Issues in Policing

Ethical Issues in Policing Author Seumas Miller
ISBN-10 9781351939041
Release 2017-03-02
Pages 184
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Police Studies constitute an important area of academic inquiry and policing raises a large number of ethical questions, yet to date there has been a paucity of research on the subject. This significant volume provides an integrated mix of ethico-philosophical analysis combined with practitioner knowledge and experience to examine and address the large number of difficult ethical questions involved in modern-day policing. Key features: ¢ Outlines a distinctive philosophical theory of policing which promotes the human rights dimension of police work. ¢ Analyzes the phenomenon of noble cause corruption and ways to combat it. ¢ Examines the role of restorative justice. ¢ Discusses the related notions of police authority and police discretion. ¢ Assesses the use of coercive and deadly force. ¢ Provides a detailed discussion of recent issues such as privacy and confidentiality in the context of new communication and information technologies, and entrapment. Philosophical in approach and written in an accessible style, the book will be a valuable guide for all those with an interest or involvement in Police Studies, Criminology, Philosophy and Ethics.

Now What Confronting and Resolving Ethical Questions

Now What  Confronting and Resolving Ethical Questions Author Sarah V. Mackenzie
ISBN-10 9781412970846
Release 2010-01-13
Pages 157
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Written by an educator and a national authority on ethics and featuring detailed real-life case studies, this volume outlines the relationship between ethical practices and school success.