Christmas at Twilight

Christmas at Twilight Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062310255
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 400
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It's Christmas in Twilight, Texas. The Cookie Club is baking, the town is decorated, and Delta Force Operator "Hutch" Hutchinson has finally, reluctantly, returned home . . . . . . only to get pepper sprayed by the delicious- looking stranger who's taken over his house. She says her name is Jane, and she immediately sets down ground rules. Top priority: no touching. For Hutch that isn't easy—he was wounded in action, but one part is still working very well. Then Hutch learns the truth. Jane harbors a frightening secret—she's really Meredith Sommers, on the run from a dangerous ex-husband and desperately in need of the safety Hutch can provide. In that moment, he vows he'd do anything in his power to protect her. And as Christmas approaches, they discover that their love can conquer the past and overcome any obstacle—but what price will they pay?

A Wedding for Christmas

A Wedding for Christmas Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062311467
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 384
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The whole town is ready for the holidays: The Cookie Club is baking, Main Street glitters with lights, the carolers sing . . .There’s even a Christmas wedding. When bodyguard Ryder Southerland sees his best friend’s sister Katie at an L.A. Christmas party, he mistakes the slinky blonde for a celebrity stalker and tackles her. Then they tackle each other . . . at his place. The next morning, Katie’s gone, and Ryder tells himself it’s for the best. It isn’t. Now, one Christmas later, Ryder’s falling for the woman he’s been missing in the town he hasn’t missed at all . . . Katie Cheek’s outgrown the romantic fantasies she had about Ryder when she was fifteen. Katie’s packed their hot night away in a box labeled “fling”—or tried to. But Twilight’s bad boy is the best man in her brother’s wedding. And up-close and personal, Ryder’s impossible to ignore. So Katie can either go into hiding—or surrender to Christmas magic.

I ll Be Home for Christmas

I ll Be Home for Christmas Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062311429
Release 2015-10-27
Pages 416
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Christmas in Twilight, Texas, is all merriment and mistletoe. The Cookie Club is whipping up their most festive sweets, the townspeople are scrambling to get their holiday shopping done, and Joe—a hometown guy with a restless heart—is dreaming about the woman he wants to kiss most . . . . . . And who happens to be staying at his sister's place over the holidays, while Joe's sister is away. But Joe isn't quite sure he wants to be a living Christmas present to runaway law student Gabi Preston. Joe thinks the sassy sweetheart he nicknames "Trouble" won't inconvenience anything but his healthy sex drive. But when he discovers the reasons Gabi escaped from her life, he aches to give her everything she's never had. As the magic of the season draws them together, the gift of love is the only one worth giving…

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles Carrie

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles  Carrie Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062116949
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 100
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Come join a meeting of the First Love Cookie Club! “On Christmas Eve, if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your own true love, he will be your destiny.” Carrie MacGregor doesn’t believe this—not one bit. She might be a “paid up” member of the Cookie Club and the local Sweethearts Knitting Club, but she’s not about to give in to the forced ho-ho-ho of the season. And why? Mark Leland. When he left town he broke Carrie’s heart. Now, the local-guy-made good is back, hosting the reality show “Fact or Fantasy.” Fact: Mark broke her heart. Fantasy: her friends think they’ll be getting back together. But could the magic of a Twilight, Texas Christmas make Carrie’s secret dreams come true? And don’t miss The Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Raylene available November 29thfrom Avon Impulse!

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles Grace

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles  Grace Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062307941
Release 2013-12-23
Pages 100
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Originally appeared in the print anthology The Christmas Cookie Collection. New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde returns to Twilight, Texas, for another delightful holiday love story. There's a legend in Twilight, Texas. It says that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny … It's Christmas Eve, and Flynn and Jesse Calloway are thrilled to be expecting a new baby. Jesse believes he's put his dark history behind him … until his past resurfaces, pulling him from Flynn's side, leaving her alone and vulnerable. Then Flynn's car hits a patch of ice, and Jesse must move earth—and heaven—to save her and their unborn child.

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles Christine

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles  Christine Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062116987
Release 2011-12-20
Pages 100
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Come join a meeting of the First Love Cookie Club! “On Christmas Eve, if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your own true love, he will be your destiny.” Everyone in Twilight, TX knows that Christine Noble can mix up the most delectable concoctions and turn them into amazing Christmas cookies. And the whole town also knows she can’t seem to find the ingredients for finding true love. Then through the doors of her shops strides Eli Borden—the man she still thinks of as “the best kisser ever.” To her surprise, Eli asks her on a date…and to her greater surprise she accepts. Maybe it’s the mistletoe, or the season, or even the cookies…but suddenly something magical happens. But the dreams that Christine thought she’d given up on are suddenly coming true—and it all begins with another kiss Eli.

The Twilight Before Christmas

The Twilight Before Christmas Author Christine Feehan
ISBN-10 9780349402215
Release 2013-12-05
Pages 256
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Kate Drake, a well-travelled bestselling novelist, is one of seven sisters. Seven very special sisters who happen to be witches. When she returns to the small coastal town in northern California where she grew up right before Christmas to attend her sister's wedding, she decides to settle there. She intends to open a book store in a charming, but run-down and spooky historic house. While Kate is clearing out the basement an earthquake occurs, knocking down part of the wall and revealing a burial crypt. Kate turns to the handsome carpenter who is helping her renovate the house. But Kate begins to sense that neither the carpenter nor the law nor any other worldly power can help her arrest the evil that was released from the crypt. She will have to summon all of her supernatural power - and that of her six sisters - to destroy the evil that is casting a dark shadow over her hometown. Please note this story is also available in the Drake Sisters duo Magic Before Christmas

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles Raylene

The Christmas Cookie Chronicles  Raylene Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062116963
Release 2011-11-29
Pages 100
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Come join a meeting of the First Love Cookie Club! “On Christmas Eve, if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your own true love, he will be your destiny.” It’s Christmas time at the Horny Toad Tavern, located in the heart of Twilight, TX. Elvis is on the jukebox, the lights twinkle outside…and inside, Raylene Pringle is wondering if it’s going to be another “Blue Christmas” without her true love, Earl. But things are about to change—because ‘tis the season for unexpected romance and a surprise mother/daughter reunion…reminding Raylene that you should never disbelieve the legend of the kismet cookies! And don’t miss The Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Christine available December 13th, from Avon Impulse and The Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Carrie on sale now.

Cowboy It s Cold Outside

Cowboy  It s Cold Outside Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062468246
Release 2017-10-31
Pages 400
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Everyone in town knows that Christmas in Twilight has a way of bringing lovers together . . . but will its magic bring this pair from “I won’t” to “I do”? Wearing a too-tight “Santa Baby” costume held in by a double pair of Spanx, Paige MacGregor runs headlong into a gorgeous, grey-eyed hunk of a long, tall cowboy. And not just any cowboy, but country-western star Cash Colton, visiting Twilight to perform in a charity concert. Most women would melt at his feet, but Paige knows all too much about self-assured men with cocky attitudes, so she tells him to get lost. Cash is in town, nursing his own broken heart, but Paige has knocked him off his feet. He’s convinced she’s perfect—someone to inspire his music and share his now-empty bed. True, he’s not marriage material, but he’s determined to convince her that they’re perfect together—at least for a while. But what he doesn’t count on is falling in love with the one woman who isn’t about to give him the time of day!

The Adventures of Twilight

The Adventures of Twilight Author Robert L. Miceli
ISBN-10 9781606932414
Release 2008-12
Pages 80
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Deep in the middle of a white, wintry wonderland live Twilight the Elf and Dusty the Reindeer. All the other elves and reindeer (and even Santa himself!) enjoy playing with the two and giving them lots and lots of attention. But with Christmas drawing near, everyone gets so busy helping Santa they have no time left for Twilight or Dusty. Feeling left out and unwanted, they decide to pack up their sleigh and run away from home! Find out what happens to the littlest elf and the tiniest reindeer in the camp as they make their way over snowy hills and through frozen valleys, pulling their sleigh farther and farther away from home. A heartwarming adventure awaits you in this charming holiday story that will sure to be a family favorite all year long.

The Christmas Cookie Collection

The Christmas Cookie Collection Author Lori Wilde
ISBN-10 9780062304469
Release 2013-12-23
Pages 384
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The New York Times Bestselling Author ofThe First Love Cookie Clubreturns to Twilight, Texas,with one brand-new story and three storiesnever before in print! There's a legend in Twilight, Texas. It says that if on Christmas you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny. Carrie, Raylene, Christine, and Flynn are all members of the Christmas Cookie Club. Each has a story to tell, and each discovers the miracles of the season and the power of love. Carrie: Reconnects with her high school sweetheart . . .the only man she's ever loved. Raylene: Discovers that the daughter she gave awayat birth is living right in Twilight . . . Christine: Has given up on love . . . until the man ofher dreams walks through her shop door. Grace: It's Christmas Eve and Flynn and Jesse Calloway are thrilled to be expecting a new baby. Then Flynn's car hits a patchof ice, and Jesse must move earth . . . and heaven . . .to save her and their unborn child.

I ll Watch Down the Trail in the Twilight for You

I ll Watch Down the Trail in the Twilight for You Author Eva Lena Vawter Hardin
ISBN-10 9781770677692
Release 2012-01
Pages 72
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Great authors write about many themes common to our everyday life. The author, Eva Lena, lived from 1883 to 1965. She wrote of everyday experiences common to women of that era. Her poems have never been published until now. Although she will never be considered a great American poet, she was talented with rhyming schemes, vocabulary, and ideas. Venture into the early to middle 20th century with poems that explore nature, motherhood, being a writer, lover, and an aging woman looking forward to a new land. This anthology samples a few of her poems, and includes photos of the author and her family.

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone Author Kenneth Reynolds
ISBN-10 9781491720127
Release 2014-04
Pages 754
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From 1959 to 1964, a chilling new anthology series held audiences captive with tales of horror, delight, and mystery. Rod Serling changed the face of television with The Twilight Zone, a groundbreaking series that enticed viewers to tap into the wonders of a "dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind." When they accepted that cryptic invitation, viewers found themselves in The Twilight Zone. Now, one of those minds transported to strange new worlds extends his invitation to you as well. Join author Kenneth Reynolds on a detailed journey through each of the 156 episodes of Serling's classic series. Featuring detailed plot synopses, analysis, and commentary, The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Wondrous Land invites you into a new world of imagination. It thoroughly studies and analyzes every episode, emphasizing important dialogue and concluding with a list of the episode's applicable themes and lessons. Featuring commentary from several Twilight Zone actors, this guide offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of this landmark series. Unlock the door of your imagination with The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Wondrous Land.

An Affair Before Christmas

An Affair Before Christmas Author Eloisa James
ISBN-10 9781444712520
Release 2008-10-30
Pages 400
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One spectacular Christmas, Miss Perdita 'Poppy' Selby met the man she thought she would love forever. The devilishly attractive Duke of Fletcher was everything a convent-educated girl wished for in a suitor, and their wedding day was perfect. Unfortunately, no one had quite prepared Poppy for what would happen next. Four years later, Poppy and the duke have become the toast of London society, but behind closed doors the spark of their love affair has burned out. Fortunately, Poppy has a friend in Jemma, the Duchess of Beaumont. Jemma, who is toying with another man herself, reveals to Poppy a world of strategy and desire that will change Poppy's whole outlook on love forever.

A Critical History of Television s The Twilight Zone 1959 1964

A Critical History of Television  s The Twilight Zone  1959  1964 Author Don Presnell
ISBN-10 9781476610382
Release 2008-08-18
Pages 288
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Rod Serling's anthology series The Twilight Zone is recognized as one of the greatest television shows of all time. Always intelligent and thought-provoking, the show used the conventions of several genres to explore such universal qualities as violence, fear, prejudice, love, death, and individual identity. This comprehensive reference work gives a complete history of the show, from its beginning in 1959 to its final 1964 season, with critical commentaries, incisive analyses, and the most complete listing of casts and credits ever published. Biographical profiles of writers and contributors are included, followed by detailed appendices, bibliography and index.

A Song at Twilight

A Song at Twilight Author Lilian Harry
ISBN-10 9781409130246
Release 2010-08-19
Pages 400
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A powerful novel from bestselling author Lilian Harry, set in and around a Devon airfield during the Second World War. It is 1943, and the quiet of Harrowbeer, in Devon, is disrupted by increased activity at the nearly airfield built at the beginning of the war. Among the squadrons moving in are pilots from Britain, Canada and Poland. The airfield, with its noise and its population, has a massive impact on the peaceful villages nearby - an impact that will affect some inhabitants for the rest of their lives. Alison, married to a pilot and newly pregnant, soon makes friends with the locals, particularly with May, who finds herself caught up in the life of the RAF, watching and waiting as the pilots and crew carry out their dangerous missions. Then, on the night when Alison's baby is born, her husband is reported missing and Alison and May find themselves facing a dilemma all too familiar to the wives and sweethearts of those who flew the Spitfires, Hurricanes and other aircraft to protect their country during this time of war.

Twilight in the Vineyard

Twilight in the Vineyard Author Jo Jean
ISBN-10 9781432706531
Release 2007-06
Pages 464
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It's no secret that just about everyone today realizes that we are now living in the last of the last days. What Christ proclaimed in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 is coming to pass!Christ gave warning that the period of time known as day, when the works of the Father could be done, would then be followed by night, when no man could work.1000 years are as a day to the Lord and a day as 1000 years. Therefore might we not deduce that 41.7 years are as an hour and .7 years as a minute? Twilight lasts an average of forty minutes in the natural, therefore Twilight in Gods Spiritual Day would be 28 years. We are now well into this time of spiritual twilight and TWILIGHT IN THE VINEYARD proclaims the lateness of the hour and gives warning of how little time is left before the Tribulation begins."And when all things shall be subdued unto Him, then shall the Son also Himself be subject unto Him that put all things under Him, that Yahweh may be all in all." I Cor.15:28 The above verse states the eternal PURPOSE of Yahweh. It is to this end that we should be striving. Thus I have been led to write this book:1. To warn His adopted children who make up the Body of Christ that His return is near2. To state the truth about the nation of Israel and encourage our Jewish brethren to realize that Yahshua is their Messiah (Mashiach) 3. To warn America and other nations that they need to repent and humble them selves before The Almighty Creator4. To explain why America and Britain are allies of Israel5. To inform His dispersed, chosen children of the House of Israel that they will soon be undergoing terrible times during that period referred to as Jacobs trouble but to realize their heritage and know that He will help them.6. To give information on topics that has often been ignored or misunderstood.CAN YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS?Why is the story of JOSEPH so relevant for today?When will the tribulation will begin?Who will really make up the 144,000 and where will they be found?What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?When and where will Christ return?Who is the Mahdi?What is the difference between Satan's angels and his demons?What happened between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?Why should we know about Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz?Why is America under Yahweh's judgement?Was Eve really created from only a rib of Adam?Who is the one who restrains the coming of the antichrist?Who is the woman in the 12th Chapter of Revelation?Will persecution be vented upon American Christians?What is the importance of the Feast Days of the Lord?Did Christ really die on Friday and rise up on Sunday?What did Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah do?Why is the story of Joseph and his sons significant...especially for us today!Why is Babylon mentioned so often in scripture?To find the answers to these questions and to learn more on many other topics, I urge you to read this book...which was ordained to be written by Yahweh in 1983 at which time He gave this author its title.TWILIGHT IN THE VINEYARD is an anthology and includes the following topics:Name of the Almighty Creator - YHWH, Creator of the Spiritual Realm - YHWH, Creator of Man - YHWH, the Planter - America, Past, Present?ǪFuture? - America, Wake Up! - Babylon - Gospel of the Kingdom - Kingdom of Darkness - The One Who Restrains - Present Day Vineyard of the Lord - The Antichrist - Coming Persecution - Words and Dreams From the Lord - Words from the Heart - To All My True Brothers and Sisters in Our LordPsalm 26:7 "That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Thy wondrous works."Shalom, JoJean