Collected Novels Volume 1

Collected Novels Volume 1 Author Paul Auster
ISBN-10 9780571317271
Release 2014-04-24
Pages 672
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After years spent as a struggling translator and poet, Paul Auster published his first works of fiction in the mid 1980s - City of Glass, Ghosts and The Locked Room, three brilliant variations on the classic detective story which, published together as The New York Trilogy, became the international hit that established his reputation. Introducing themes that have run throughout his work ever since, Auster managed to combine formal experimentation with classic storytelling, and to inform his exploration of America and the self with a distinctly European sensibility. Included here in the first volume of his collected novels, alongside his seminal debut are In the Country of Last Things, a dark, dystopian vision of the future, and Moon Palace, a sweeping multi-generation novel that begins 'in the summer that man first walked on the moon'. All told in his characteristic clean prose style, these three novels form the first chapter in an ongoing career that has marked Auster out as one of the most original, relevant and enduring novelists at work today.

A Question of Manhood Volume 1

A Question of Manhood  Volume 1 Author Darlene Clark Hine
ISBN-10 0253112478
Release 1999-10-22
Pages 624
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Each of these essays illuminates an important dimension of the complex array of Black male experiences as workers, artists, warriors, and leaders. The essays describe the expectations and demands to struggle, to resist, and facilitate the survival of African American culture and community. Black manhood was shaped not only in relation to Black womanhood, but was variously nurtured and challenged, honed and transformed against a backdrop of white male power and domination, and the relentless expectations and demands on them to struggle, resist, and to facilitate the survival of African-American culture and community.


ISBN-10 3741825980
Release 2016
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KENNEDY S TWINS TRILOGY Includes BLACK PRESIDENT Vol 1 KENNEDY S BLACKMALE has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from KENNEDY S TWINS TRILOGY Includes BLACK PRESIDENT Vol 1 KENNEDY S BLACKMALE also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full KENNEDY S TWINS TRILOGY Includes BLACK PRESIDENT Vol 1 KENNEDY S BLACKMALE book for free.

Borneo Trilogy Sarawak Volume 1

Borneo Trilogy Sarawak  Volume 1 Author Frans Welman
ISBN-10 9786162450822
Release 2017-03-09
Pages 215
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Sarawak, Malaysia is the second in the trilogy on Borneo and is a travelogue on rainforest and its Indigenous Peoples. Sarawak opens its heart of darkness, the rainforest when Frans Welman visits the interior and meets the peoples of the rainforests, Indigenous Peoples and peoples who exploit this rich and diverse ecosystem and habitat.

Black American Writers

Black American Writers Author NA NA
ISBN-10 9781349814367
Release 2015-12-25
Pages 217
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Black American Writers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Black American Writers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Black American Writers book for free.

Doctor Buteyko s Discovery Trilogy Volume 1

Doctor Buteyko s Discovery Trilogy Volume 1 Author
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Doctor Buteyko s Discovery Trilogy Volume 1 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Doctor Buteyko s Discovery Trilogy Volume 1 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Doctor Buteyko s Discovery Trilogy Volume 1 book for free.

Laughter in My Misery

Laughter in My Misery Author Phoenix J. Mirage
ISBN-10 9781622123957
Release 2014-02-20
Pages 458
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Part 1 of The Raconteur Trilogy consists of eleven stories, each challenging the threshold of a specific genre. The stories cross the boundaries of status quo to defy what audiences have become accustomed to expect from a particular style of writing. In the beginning, a little girl of low socioeconomic status matches wits with the so-called university elite, bringing them to their knees after having discovered the true essence of wisdom and knowledge. The stories continue to excite and challenge, as each character's actions give new meaning to the words vengeance and retribution. The book ends with a man who reaches the height of the papacy, only to lose it all when he consciously refuses the path to redemption in the hope that God would turn a blind eye to his unrighteous deeds. The stories take place in Spain, Rome, Jamaica, America, and Australia, while the time frame spans 1945 to 2011, capturing each era and bringing it to life. See why Laughter in My Misery is like no other book, as it dares to cross the boundaries of genres.

The Windham Series Boxed Set Volumes 1 3

The Windham Series Boxed Set  Volumes 1 3 Author Grace Burrowes
ISBN-10 9781402276064
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 1476
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes delivers remarkable characters, intriguing plots, and freshly imagined Regency settings in this unforgettable trilogy about three noble brothers. A Regency era battle of wits, wills, and the sexes, with a wily old duke determined to see the succession of his line secured, and his three headstrong sons equally determined to resist the bonds of matrimony. THE HEIR: The Earl of Wyndham, weighed down by responsibilities, is determined to avoid the summer rounds of matchmaking mamas, so he stays in his London townhouse for the summer. There he discovers a potentially perfect duchess in his lovely, mysterious housekeeper. "The heroine of Grace Burrowes' erotically charged romance is a woman of such mystery that both the hero and the reader become obsessed with her."-USA Today "Burrowes debuts with a luminous and graceful erotic Regency... a refreshing and captivating love story that will have readers eagerly awaiting the planned sequels."-Publishers Weekly, starred review "Burrowes' outstanding debut is a witty, sensual, Regency romance featuring complex characters who ring true to the time period, leaving readers saying huzzah!"-Booklist, starred review THE SOLDIER: Devlin St. Just, the Duke's oldest, but illegitimate, son, arrives at his new estate weary in body and spirit. There he finds that the previous owner's bastard daughter and her beautiful cousin are his responsibility and are making his life almost unbearably complicated. "Captivating... Burrowes's straightforward, sensual love story is intelligent and tender, rising above the crowd with deft dialogue and delightful characters." -Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW "Burrowes returns with a powerful story that touches readers' hearts. Her powerful and complex characters will enthrall you. There is a quiet, yet intense power to Burrowes' simple prose and such depth of feelings that it will be difficult to forget this marvelous story." -RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 Stars, Top Pick of the Month "Burrowes continues her winning streak with a delicious, sensual historical romance capturing the spirit of the time." -Booklist "With lots of humor and steamy romance, these books are always a delightful read, a treat for fans of Regency romance at it's best." -Night Owl Reviews, 4 1/2 Stars, Reviewer Top Pick THE VIRTUOSO: Gifted pianist Valentine Windham, youngest son of the Duke of Moreland retreats to the country after an injury robs him of his musical ability. There he learns from beautiful young widow Ellen Markham that he can be loved even when his music falls silent. "Burrowes's exceptional writing and originality catch the reader and keep the story moving."-Publishers Weekly "Burrowes creates memorable heroes... intelligent, sensual love stories show us this author knows what romance readers adore."-RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars "Reminiscent of the heroines in Amanda Quick's romances... Another outstanding entry in a strong series."-Booklist "Quite sensual."-USA Today Happy Ever After "Filled with wonderfully touching relationships, interesting and intriguing characters, witty and delightful humor, and steamy and romantic seduction... Outstanding."-Night Owl Reviews, 5 Stars, Reviewer Top Pick "Perfection, enchanting and stunningly sensual..."-The Romance Reviews

The Magic Kingdom of Landover Volume 1

The Magic Kingdom of Landover Volume 1 Author Terry Brooks
ISBN-10 0345516737
Release 2009-08-18
Pages 736
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Capture the fantasy, thrills, and far-flung adventure of the first three novels in Terry Brooks’s enchanting Magic Kingdom of Landover series–now for the first time in one gripping volume. Chicago lawyer Ben Holiday can’t fathom what lies ahead when he purchases Landover–a magical kingdom of chivalry and sorcery–from Meeks, the mysterious seller who placed the ad. Weary and jaded, Ben clings to the ad’s promise: “Escape into your dreams.” But Landover is not the enchanted idyll he expected. The kingdom is in ruin. The barons refuse to recognize Ben as King, a dragon is decimating the countryside, and a demon lord has challenged any prospective ruler to a fatal duel. To make matters worse, the Paladin, renowned champion of the Kings of Landover, seems to be merely a legend. Ben’s only allies are a bumbling court magician, a talking dog turned court scribe, and the beautiful Willow, who is part girl, part tree. With his friends in tow, Ben sets out to claim the throne. But when Meeks decides he wants Landover back, Ben will face supernatural foes of every stripe to prove himself worthy of the kingship. The question is: Can he survive? From the Trade Paperback edition.

W E B Du Bois and Race

W E B  Du Bois and Race Author Chester J. Fontenot
ISBN-10 0865547270
Release 2001
Pages 198
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This collection of essays emerged from a symposium held at Mercer University which examined the ways in which W. E. B. DuBois's theories of race have shaped racial discussion and public policy in the twentieth-century. The essays also examine the application of Du Bois's theories to the new millennium, as well as his contributions to the study of the humanities.

Borneo Trilogy Volume 1 Sabah

Borneo Trilogy Volume 1  Sabah Author Frans Welman
ISBN-10 9786162450785
Release 2017-03-09
Pages 173
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Sabah, the first in the trilogy on Borneo, is a travelogue on rainforest and its Indigenous Peoples. Sabah opens its heart of darkness when Linseng penetrate to produce an audiovisual meant to show its uniqueness so appreciation of habitat and its relatively unknown peoples can be ascertained and so their wealth of knowledge will not be lost with the disappearance of their forests.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Author David Caldarola
ISBN-10 1467062855
Release 2011-11-04
Pages 544
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...While deep within the chapel, praying hands are trembling low, And a feeling of dread descends on us, no matter where we go. Our spirits are disconcerted, like a most discordant song, Something is supernatural here, there is something going wrong. You and your companions are trapped in an ancient and mysterious fortress, but you are not alone. There is also another one present who walks the darkened halls. He seems to oppose you, though he has not openly regarded you and your friends as an enemy. He is tall, dark and handsome – very well educated and much experienced in the ways of life. He may even be considered wise. He speaks to you, and at times even sings to you with a deep, beautiful baritone voice. He is charming and charismatic – and one thing more... He is the Devil! If you could save your souls buy losing your lives, or save your lives by risking your souls, which would you choose? If he has foresworn to answer 33 questions truthfully, what would you ask him? Could you trick the devil; would you even try? But wait – act quickly... for the solstice is upon you! Winter Solstice is the first volume of the Alaric Trilogy. It will follow the devil’s trail from Eastern Europe through Western Europe and eventually to America. But more importantly, it will show how he has changed his ways to adjust to mankind’s adapting to the rapid changes in 20th century society and technology. But be not afraid. The Alaric Trilogy will help you spot him, whatever form he takes.

Worlds Within

Worlds Within Author Vilashini Cooppan
ISBN-10 9780804772501
Release 2009-10-08
Pages 392
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Worlds Within tracks the changing forms of novels and nations against a long, postcolonial twentieth century. While globalization has sometimes been understood to supersede national borders, this book distances itself from before-and-after sequences in order to trace the intersection between national and global politics. Drawing from psychoanalytic and deconstructive accounts of identity, difference, and desire, Worlds Within explores the making and unmaking of ideas of nation, globe, race, and gender in the late imperialism of Joseph Conrad, the anticolonial nationalism and nascent Third-Worldism of W. E. B. Du Bois and Frantz Fanon, and the decolonizing nationalisms and postcolonial cosmopolitanisms of novelistic descendants, such as the Indian and Indo-Caribbean writers Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh, V.S. Naipaul, and David Dabydeen, the anglophone and francophone African writers Chinua Achebe, Nggi wa Thiong'o, Assia Djebar, and Tsitsi Dangarembga, and the Cuban postmodern novelist and theorist Severo Sarduy. Across this global field, national identity is subtended by transnational affiliations and expressed through diverse and intersecting literary forms.

Black Nationalist Thought in South Africa

Black Nationalist Thought in South Africa Author Hashi Kenneth Tafira
ISBN-10 9781137586506
Release 2016-07-18
Pages 365
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This book maintains that South Africa, despite the official end of apartheid in 1994, remains steeped in the interstices of coloniality. The author looks at the Black Nationalist thought in South Africa and its genealogy. Colonial modernity and coloniality of power and their equally sinister accessories, war, murder, rape and genocide have had a lasting impact onto those unfortunate enough to receive such ghastly visitations. Tafira explores a range of topics including youth political movement, the social construction of blackness in Azania, and conceptualizations from the Black Liberation Movement.

Dictionary of Midwestern Literature Volume 1

Dictionary of Midwestern Literature  Volume 1 Author Philip A. Greasley
ISBN-10 0253108411
Release 2001-05-30
Pages 680
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The Dictionary of Midwestern Literature, Volume One, surveys the lives and writings of nearly 400 Midwestern authors and identifies some of the most important criticism of their writings. The Dictionary is based on the belief that the literature of any region simultaneously captures the experience and influences the worldview of its people, reflecting as well as shaping the evolving sense of individual and collective identity, meaning, and values. Volume One presents individual lives and literary orientations and offers a broad survey of the Midwestern experience as expressed by its many diverse peoples over time.Philip A. Greasley's introduction fills in background information and describes the philosophy, focus, methodology, content, and layout of entries, as well as criteria for their inclusion. An extended lead-essay, "The Origins and Development of the Literature of the Midwest," by David D. Anderson, provides a historical, cultural, and literary context in which the lives and writings of individual authors can be considered.This volume is the first of an ambitious three-volume series sponsored by the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature and created by its members. Volume Two will provide similar coverage of non-author entries, such as sites, centers, movements, influences, themes, and genres. Volume Three will be a literary history of the Midwest. One goal of the series is to build understanding of the nature, importance, and influence of Midwestern writers and literature. Another is to provide information on writers from the early years of the Midwestern experience, as well as those now emerging, who are typically absent from existing reference works.

Templar Trilogy 01 Knights Of The Black And White

Templar Trilogy 01 Knights Of The Black And White Author Jack Whyte
ISBN-10 9780143183686
Release 2007-07-31
Pages 768
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From the author of Uther and The Eagle comes Knights of the Black and White —the first in a dramatic historical trilogy about the rise and fall of the Knights Templar It is 1088. While many French nobles continue their occupation of a violently hostile England, one young knight, Hugh de Payens, is inducted into a powerful secret society in his father’s castle in Anjou. The Order of Rebirth in Sion draws its membership from the ranks of some of France’s most powerful families, with only one son from each generation eligible to be selected, and its members’ loyalty to the ancient brotherhood transcends loyalty to both Church and state. When the new Pope calls for knights to join his Crusade to redeem the Holy Land, Hugh is commanded by the Order to go along and finds himself in hellish battle in Jerusalem. Sickened by the slaughter of innocents and civilians and appalled by the savagery of his fellow Christians, Hugh appeals to the Order to allow him and a few of the brotherhood to follow a different path. Determined to remain true to their own beliefs, they become the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ, a unique order of fighting monks, and use the skills honed in battle to defend and protect pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem. But the Order has a different plan, and soon the brethren are charged with an outlandish and dangerous task—a seemingly impossible mission to uncover a treasure hidden in the very center of Jerusalem, a treasure that might not only destroy the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem but also threaten the fabric of the Church itself.

Modern American Religion Volume 1

Modern American Religion  Volume 1 Author Martin E. Marty
ISBN-10 0226508943
Release 1997-06-21
Pages 393
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Martin E. Marty argues that religion in twentieth-century America was essentially shaped by its encounter with modernity. In this first volume, he records and explores the diverse ways in which American religion embraced, rejected, or cautiously accepted the modern world. "Marty writes with the highest standards of scholarship and with his customary stylistic grace. No series of books is likely to tell us as much about the religious condition of our own time as "Modern American Religion."—Robert L. Spaeth, Minneapolis Star Tribune "The wealth of material and depth of insight are beyond reproach. This book will clearly stand as an important meteorological guide to the storm front of modernity as it swept Americans into the twentieth century."—Belden C. Lane, Review of Religions "Whatever one thinks about Marty's theological or philosophical position as a historian, the charm of his friendly circumspective approach to American religious history is irresistible."—John E. Wilson, Theological Studies "Marty attempts to impose historical order on the divergent ways a century of Americans have themselves tried to find order in their worlds. . . . [He] meets the challenge deftly. . . . It is a book relevant to our time. . . . Engages the heart and mind jointly."—Andy Solomon, Houston Post